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  • September Favourites

    My September monthly favourites

    Most Anticipated Autumn/Winter Movies 2016

    My own personal list of movies I am most looking forward to seeing this Autumn/ Winter

    Disneycation Day 7: Animal Kingdom

    So we are now half way through my Disneycation posts. It has taken me slightly longer than I thought to get these out to you. And the longer I take…

    My ‘Style’ Icons

    My Style icons and role models that inspire me everyday.

    Disneycation Day 4 – Universal Studios/IOA

    Day 4 – Harry Potter, Wands and Loads of Shrimp

    Disneycation Day 3 – Hollywood Studios

    Join me for Day 3 of my Disneycation, where we explore Hollywood Studios

    Disneycation Day 2 – Magic Kingdom

    Day 2 of my Florida holiday where we hit Magic Kingdom

    Disneycation Day 1 – Disney Springs

    So guys we are here for my first diary blog from my most recent trip to Orlando, Florida. I wanted to wait and do this when I got home so…

    DIY Custom Minnie Ears

    I show you how to make your pair of Minnie Ears perfect for a Disney themed holiday

    Holiday Beauty Bag

    Take a look inside my Holiday Beauty Bag for my Disneycation!!

    Dealing With Acne Prone Skin and Frizzy Hair in High …

    My personal Experiment I will undertake during my Disneycation to help problematic skin and hair

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