3 of My Current Skincare Goals for 2020

What are My Skincare Goals for 2020?

Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil and Fresh Vitamin Nectar - 3 of My Current Skincare Goals for 2020 - stephfinny.com

Since finishing my course of Roaccutane I have been struggling to know where to begin with a new skincare routine. I am now dealing with a clean slate when it comes to my skincare routine. While on the drug I was using products to help deal with the side effects of the medication. Now my skin has changed, the roaccutane is finished and the acne is gone. And now my skin has readjusted itself again to be its new normal. Which to be honest is quite confusing. It is the first time I have had the privilege of dealing with my skin without classing it as acne prone. And although it is what I’ve aimed to achieve, I now feel like I am dealing with something very foreign. What about some skincare goals?

I decided on setting myself some goals to focus on for the foreseeable. I chose 3 skincare goals for 2020 as I didn’t want to go over the top that I would fail before I started. These 3 skincare goals also intertwine with one another and will help each other out. Which will hopefully make achieving these goals a little easier. And may also help my bank account!

Glow and Resurface - 3 of My Current Skincare Goals for 2020 - stephfinny.com

One thing I have added at the bottom of the page is a Skincare Goals worksheet. You can download this worksheet to help you plan your own skin goals. It will also allow you to brainstorm ways to achieve your goals.

My Skincare Goals Brainstorm

Natural Glow

One thing I have always wanted is glowy skin but it isn’t always the easiest to achieve with acne prone skin. Before my treatment my skin was oily rather than glowy and my main concern was to mattify my skin as much as possible. Without looking too much like a porcelain doll of course. So first step in creating my new skincare routine is adding some Vitamin C. I’ve been doing some research into the ingredient and have started compiling a list of products that have caught my eye. I find myself drawn to serums that I can use in my evening routine. My skin definitely benefits from a more rigorous routine in the evening. I feel my skin will absorb and love this style of product.

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A few products I’m keeping in mind are Lumene Nordic-C ArtIc Berry Oil Cocktail, Lumene Nordic-C Glow Boost Essence, Kiehls Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate and Sunday Riley C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum.

Another Thing that will help with my natural glow is getting into the habit of using SPF on a daily basis. This is a hard one to remember especially if it is not summer outside. One thing that can help with this is finding day moisturiser with an SPF. Like the Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Eight Hour Daily Defence Moisturiser with SPF 35.


This is something I have always struggled with as I have a pretty love/hate relationship with remembering to drink water. Which I believe in all honesty is the best way to keep your skin fully hydrated. But luckily for us there is a abundance of skincare choices to help us out with this problem. Hydraulic acid has become a bit of a skincare trend lately, with demand soaring to include it into our skincare routines. And I am slowly trying to work out the best way to include into my routine.

By Terry Brightening CC Serum and Estée Lauder Futurist Foundation - 3 of My Current Skincare Goals - stephfinny.com
By Terry Brightening CC Serum and Estée Lauder Futurist Foundation - 3 of My Current Skincare Goals for 2020 - stephfinny.com

I first of all need to remember to drink plenty of water especially heading into summer and this will also help achieve my above goal of naturally glowing skin. In terms of skincare I am thinking more along the lines of a serum. I currently have a hydrating toner, which works well (which is the By Terry Hydra Toner) but I need something stronger to put on during my evening routine. Something to absorb in during the night.


Plus in order to be completely successful with keeping up the hydration is spotting any products that dry out my skin, and that includes make up. Base products, like foundation, primers and concealers can have ingredients that can dry out skin for some. Spotting these and eliminating them where appropriate will help maintain the hydration. After all you wouldn’t want to put all that hard work in and continue to use a product that makes 

Flatlay image showing 4 products that are helping me achieve my goals - 3 of My Current Skincare Goals for 2020


One thing that is more noticeable for me now is the texture of my skin. It’s not great, but that is probably down to the years of damage left behind by spots. However it could also be down to not using products to help the good skin around the spots. I mainly focused on trying to get rid of the suckers. So my next goal basically grows from the previous two above. I am hoping focusing maintaining high hydration levels will help this goal out a lot. I also want to start with adding a nighty treatment into my evening routine. A few products types I have been thinking about is a mask I could use 2-3 times a week. Or even a stronger serum like a retinol serum that would work best with my evening routine products.

Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil - 3 of My Current Skincare Goals for 2020 - stephfinny.com

Another thing I would love to do, once things go back to normal. Is to visit a skin clinic and get some personalised skin treatments for my problematic areas. Even getting a regular facial could bring so many benefits to my skin. And could help to achieving several of my skincare goals.


Your Skincare Goal Planner

I wanted to create something to help you discover what you want your own skincare goals to be. So I have made this easy to use planner. Were you can add your skincare goals, how you hope to achieve them and products you’ve found that may help you. I hope to create more tools like this in the future. So if you would like me to create something in particular please get in touch!

If you need some help researching and buying skincare items online at the moment. You can check out my pervious post 3 Tips to Help You Buy Beauty Online.

Before we go, let me know in the comments below what your own skin concerns are and the goals you hope to set for yourself.


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