4 Books I’ve Enjoyed Reading During Lockdown

My Book Picks For Lockdown

I think one thing I was really worried about during this lockdown was being stuck indoors for long periods of day not doing anything. Too easy would it have been to just sit and binge watch a whole series of Netflix. Or getting lost in the depths of social media and YouTube. I wanted to keep my motivation and creativity active. One way I managed to do this was to get lost in a little collection of books. I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with books. As a child I struggled to read aloud in reading group, as a teenager I would only read trending book series like Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games. And my early twenties, well I very rarely saw a book.

But recently, thanks to following a few good book accounts (thanks Beth Sandland!). I found some intriguing recommendations that made me want to reach for books once again. So within this post I wanted to share a few of the books I enjoyed during lockdown. Once you have read the post please share any of your own book recommendations, and if you are looking for any more give Beth’s Instagram (@bethsandland) a follow. She has a book club too.

The Lockdown Reading List

The Flat Share – Beth O’Leary (2019)

The Flat Share was the first of the books I read this year. It is a brilliant chick-lit novel and a great easy read. It’s Beth O’Leary’s debut novel which makes this book even more impressive. The book is incredibly funny, heartwarming and charismatic. The plot follows a rather unusual set up, it follows the story of Tiffy a young quirky junior book editor who suddenly finds herself having to find new accommodation quickly. 

And Leon, who just so happens to have a 1 bedroom flat that he needs to find a room mate for. Yes, you heard right, a ROOM MATE! They find it difficult to cross paths which creates an intriguing story and character build up. However O’Leary also includes some hard hitting issues including emotionally abusive relationships and mental health. 

This is the ideal book for those who love an easy read and a charming, romantic story.


The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary - 4 Books I Enjoyed Reading During Lockdown
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The Beekeeper of Aleppo – Christy Lefteri (2019)

Another relatively new book, this novel is based on recent history. It follows beekeeper Nuri and his wife Afra and their flight to leave a war stricken Aleppo. Through their dangerous journey to safety and harrowing ordeals as refugees. This beautifully written story stops to make you think about what life was/is really like for Syrian’s and the lasting affects it can have on these people. Certain parts of this book were a bit slow. Which made it hard to read more than one chapter at times. But it is such a strong story, it is definitely a recommended read.


The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri - 4 Books I Enjoyed Reading During Lockdown
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Unexpected Lessons in Love – Lucy Dillon (2019)

It’s hard to describe this genre of this book. But let’s go for a romantic drama with a tragic twist. This novel follows the story of Jeannie who is questioning her romantic decisions but a life changing accident forces her to rethink everything again. She finds herself surrounded in guilt and terrible need to sort her life out at the same time. 

Although this was a good idea for a story I found big chucks of this story very slow. Which also meant it was difficult to get into this book at times. There is, however some incredibly sweet and funny moments. But most of the interesting parts of the story happens at the beginning and the end of the story.


Unexpected Lessons in Love by Lucy Dillon - 4 Books I Enjoyed Reading During Lockdown
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Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn (2014)

This was the debut novel from ‘Gone Girl’ author. This thriller murder mystery is intense, gripping and at times completely twisted. Camille has to head home for the first time in years to report on her small town’s murder of a 13 years ago. You soon discover Camille’s family life is quite hostile and her relationship with her mother is challenging. Throw in a unforgotten dead sister, a rebellious half sister and another murder. There is plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Flynn also explores certain issues like alcoholism, and mental health issues that creates some sinister moments. This is a suspenseful page turner that I could not put down.


Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn - 4 Books I Enjoyed Reading During Lockdown
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What I am Currently Reading…

Queen by Candice Carty – Williams

I am only a few chapters in but already this book seems like a realistic funny story. I am excited to get further into this book and read about Queenie’s life. This is also a book that has been featured heavily on Black Lives Matter reading lists. What drew me to this particular book was its enlightening and honest tale of a black women living in London.

The other challenge for me with this book is I bought for my iPad but I usually prefer a physical book. Lets see how I can last before I need to buy the actual book!

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I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has inspired to add a few more books to your reading list for this year. Getting back into reading has definitely added to my creativity and motivation. I just need to get into the habit of buying more books when I no longer have any more to read.

So if have any of your own recommendations please leave a comment below with a few of your favourites.

See you next week


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