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Beauty products bought using 3 tips to help you buy beauty online

Almost three months ago we had to watch our favourite businesses close up shop with no idea when they would reopen. During this challenging time we have had to change the way we live and work. Including the way we shop! Some things admittedly are easier to shop than others. We have all grown quite accustomed to buying clothing online over the years. Especially with the rise of online only retailers. But as of now, for most of us, its online only…everything! Along with buying beauty online.

For me, with having problematic skin I do not want this time to cause a slip in my routine. I have to learn to adapt the way I purchase my beauty by going online. How many of us find it difficult to buy beauty online? How many of us try to avoid it? At the moment though we have no choice. The purpose of this post however is to make buying beauty online that little bit easier. There are some retailers I find easier to shop than others. And I will show you a few things to look out for when scrolling through.

Here Are My Tips to Help You

Now there are certain products that are easier to buy than others. You can quite easily buy an eye palette, mascara, lipstick, etc without too much hesitation. But foundation, concealers and skincare can be a whole different ball game. One that can be very stressful. Keep scrolling to read my 3 tips for buying your online beauty products.

1. Research, Research, Research

This may be the most obvious tip. But you would be surprised. I think it is so easy now to get first hand experiences from bloggers and influencers that we are so quick to buy without truly thinking about ‘will it work for me?’ After all that is one persons opinion. First of step in your research is to search the product on YouTube. Even if you don’t usually watch content creators, they are a good place to start. As well as giving you a first hand review, no doubt they will show the product in action. Make sure you watch a good handful of blogger opinions if you choose to do this. This will allow you to pull together a list of pros and cons from a variety of sources.

You can also follow these steps when looking at reviews online. Written online reviews can be tricky. You can either get someone’s minimal ‘good’ or ‘I will buy again’ review, not helpful. Or someone’s rant review where they have used their opportunity to speak negatively about a member of staff or their shop experience. Again not a helpful review on the product itself. So the best thing again, is to visit a number of retailer’s websites to build a bigger picture. If you would like to read more about where to buy, I have a post where I take about 3 Places to Buy Your Beauty Must Haves.

2. Don’t Overspend

This tip is not about how much you are willing to spend on a certain product, but more about your order size. For this particular tip it is to get you to think more logically. For example you may be choosing to invest in a new brand. You have heard a lot of good hype about this brand and after doing a bit of research on the brand’s website, you decide to make a purchase. After scrolling through the store you have 5 items in your basket. Ranging from moisturiser, a cleanser, a lip balm, bb cream and, a face primer. A respectable choice of products, yes? Yes it would be, but only if you understand how the brand works for you.

Have you tried anything from the brand before? Do you know if the products contain anything that could irritate the skin? Does the brand use a specific ingredient that gets used in every formula that they create? But really the point I am trying to make here, is if you are planning to buy a lot of products from the one brand. Stick to 1 or 2 products first to try them out and then you can go back and order more when you feel confident they will work for you. After all at the moment we don’t have the opportunity to speak to sales consultants or to get a hold of a sample to try it first.

3. Be Wary of Colour-matching

This can be a toughy! Sometimes to get the desired product we want, we have no choice but to buy online. And when it comes to foundation and concealers it can feel almost impossible. But there is a few things you can do to give you a better idea of what shades to choose. First up identify your undertones as this is usually how shades are created. Identifying your own undertones will allow you to narrow down your range of shades.

If you are cool toned you will have a rosy tint and your veins usually appear blue. If you are warm toned you will have yellow/golden tint and your veins will appear green. And neutral tones tend to be a mix of the two, which make you the lucky ones as you can usually get away with wearing any shade. If you find yourself deciding between two shades always go for the lightest as it is easier to work with.

Find my cheatsheet below, save the file to have colour matching tips at your fingertips the next time you need to order a new foundation online.

By Terry Brightening CC Serum - 3 Tips to Help You Buy Beauty Online

4. BONUS TIP – Build Up Your Knowledge Over Time

Once we can start shopping in physical stores it would be worth visiting makeup counters whenever you can. And take the opportunity to swatch different foundations to see how it sits on your skin. Foundation isn’t always about the shade but also about the build and the formula. If you have dry skin always remember to go for a hydrating and luminous foundation and oily skin is best with a mattifying and long wearing foundation.

It’s always handy to build up your knowledge of different foundations even if you aren’t in the market for one. It means when you are, you are in better understanding of where to start and how to buy. Take a note of the brands and formulas you like on your skin. Once stores start re-opening you could ask for a sample so you can try it over a couple over a couple of days. Look closely at the finish ad coverage. Does it get rid of redness? Do it go cakey? Is your skin irritated?

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Glow Juice Antioxidant Face Serum - 3 Tips to Help You Buy Beauty Online

The same rules also apply to skincare make sure to visit shops and play around with some products. Also skincare is a lot easier to get samples of. So do a lot of research and take your time on deciding what products you want to invest in.

Infographic explaining how to colour match your skin to help pick a shade colour when buying beauty online
You can save this cheatsheet to help identify your own skin tone. Pass along to friends, share on your social channels to help people buy their beauty online.

I hope you find these tips helpful the next time you need to buy some new beauty products. And hopefully it won’t be too long before we start purchasing products in store again.


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