5 Things you Should Know Before Traveling to Paris Alone

Traveling to Paris Alone is Always a Good

There is something quite exhilarating about traveling too Paris. You can be completely yourself and you can do what you want, and you don’t even need to be in 100% tourist mode all the time. If you don’t want to see the Eiffel Tower, then don’t. You would rather see the Museé D’orsay than the Louvre, do it! Of course with any solo trip and any new country you visit there should always be a few things sitting at the back of your mind. Things to be aware of. So here are my 5 small but helpful things you should be aware of while traveling alone in Paris.


Now this one was a bit easy for me as my everyday style is heavily inspired by Parisian fashion. But this is the one helpful hint that can help you loads. What it will mean for you is, less hassle from scammers and locals targeting tourists. It can also help you feel more comfortable in non touristy areas, especially if you go for a little stroll to get lost in the streets of Paris. And, in someways it can contribute to the level of service you receive while in shops, restaurants, etc. If you are like me, I know next to nothing when it comes to French. It left me feeling very embarrassed and guilty. So I tried to be very polite and respectful including what I chose to wear. Shorts and flip flops are not the French way.

Traveling to Paris alone - Notre Dame


There will be a few times that you will find yourself seeing other people sitting around you munching on bread while waiting for their meal. Not that I’m greedy, it just kind of makes you feel a bit left out. And even more hungry as you start thinking about eating bread. Another thing to be careful of, is water. The majority of eateries I ate at would bring you a jug of tap water. But a few places I went to, when asked if I wanted water they would bring bottled water which could cost anything up to 7€. And there is no need to pay money for water as the tap water is perfectly fine.

Paris architecture while traveling in Paris alone


Not that there usually is anyway. But what I mean is, being a single, solo customer will not mean you easily get a ticket or easily get a seat. For example, a table for 2 will probably be given to a couple first before it is given to you. I always felt that couples were the main priority, even most of the locals travelled in twos. But it didn’t effect the service received, every time I had a great experience. I may have just needed to wait a little longer to be seen.


Another thing I observed while going to restaurants was it’s very difficult to know exactly how to get a seat/table. I have often read that the French culture, particularly in Paris, is to sit down at an available seat and a waiter will bring you a menu. But I very rarely saw people doing that and when I asked for a table they looked at me strangely and seemed very confused as to where to put me. It makes the whole finding something to eat a bit confusing. If you know of certain places you want to eat maybe you should attempt to reserve a table to see if that makes any difference.

Traveling to Paris alone - Eiffel Tower


Deciding how to get around the city maybe the harder decision to make. This was one of the things that stressed me out the most. I didn’t want to choose something that was going to be complicated but I also didn’t want to be restricted. I decided to use a sightseeing bus tour called Open Tour which run buses until 8pm in the Summer. They also have stops in all the major areas. But also doing this allowed me to do a bit more walking and explore many more of the hidden streets of Paris. This is the best way to see Paris. Seeing the streets that aren’t serviced by buses and the metro. Stumbling across restaurants and shops that aren’t crowded with tourists.

These points won’t make or break your visit to Paris. But they are just little tips to help you understand the culture of Paris a bit better. And help you with your planning. So I hope you found them useful. If you still feel unsure about traveling somewhere alone have a read of my previous post Why we Should Learn to Take a Leap of Faith.

Here is a city guide from one of my favourite Parisian bloggers Paris in Four Months – Paris in Four Months Paris City Guide

Do you have some tips to share about traveling to Paris alone? Feel free to share below.

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