Trying to Find a Relationship in the 21st Century 

Single and Ready for…a Relationship?

This week saw Valentines Day pass us for another year. And yet another Valentines Day that I have found myself without a relationship. Not that I am desperate to celebrate Valentines Day but it’s a day that always makes me reflect and wonder about my own relationship status.

Trying to Find a Relationship in the 21st Century

I have been single for a long time which has worked in my favour over recent years. It has meant I have been able to focus on studies and employment without having to worry about anyone else. But now that I am beginning my ‘adult’ life and I no longer find myself concentrating on anything important. I find myself seeking companionship (if that’s the right term to use). But it is confusing because I’m not desperate, because at the end of the day being single has its perks. However if you aren’t desperate, does that make it harder to find someone?

Trying a Find a Relationship in the 21st Century

From my experience I am going to say yes! Mainly because I am not the type of person that is actively seeking through streams like dating sites or tinder. I also don’t regularly go out and meet people that way, which I know has worked for some of my friends. But that shouldn’t have to be a bad thing as it doesn’t really reflect my personality. Since starting my new job last year I have begun to secretly hope that I possibly may meet someone there. I could be right as within a year I developed a crush on a guy. However you are then faced with the dilemma of what to do with that crush. I suppose this is the reason why I chose to write this post. As it left me wondering what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable when it comes to asking someone on a date?

Trying to Find a Relationship in 21st Century

Childhood Relationships were so Simpler

For many years, as teenagers, we relied heavily on our best friends to support our romantic endeavours by asking your crush out for you or dropping subtle hints. And as we are all very much aware you can’t rely on that as an adult nor can you make it that easy. Usually I hang around waiting to see if anything happens, to see if the guy is actually interested. On many occasions I have read articles from very proud independent women. Saying how women should not be afraid to be the one to ask someone out on date.

Trying to Find a Relationship in the 21st Century

And that is all well and dandy if you have the confidence in yourself to do that. I however do not and the handful of times I have done so it has backfired and I’ve been rejected. I find myself debating as to weither this is the way it has to be in order to have that chance. Do you keep biting the bullet and ask before it is too late? Are you if the position that if it doesn’t really go to to plan its no big loss? But what happens if the guy freaks out because you are the one that asked despite the fact you probably spent the whole week working up the courage to do so!

As you can see it all plays around a vicious circle and I am now a 25 year old just as confused about love and romance as I was as a teenager. Do you feel the same way? Have you ever been bold and been  the one to take the first step?

Did you have any Valentine/Galentine plans?


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