10 Things I Hope For in 2018

Time to Think Realistically

February 2017 – Trip to London with my sister Instagram – @steph_finny

May 2017 – We welcomed Cooper the Cockapoo into our lives Instagram – @steph_finny

The New Year always inspires you to challenge yourself with some ‘resolutions’ and as I’ve experienced before the notion usually vanishes as January fades away. But in 2016 I gave myself a list of 10 things I wanted to achieve or do within 2017 and I was surprised by how many I was able to accomplish. So it got me thinking that I would like to try this again, maybe by pushing myself to bring last year’s goals up a level or giving myself small but realistic goals. This is a format that I recommend you try, it allows you to really think about what you want from your year, and gives you full control of that instead of following what everyone else is doing. Also writing a list down almost makes it more real and more achievable.

I thought I would also share some of my Instagram highlights of 2017 along with this post


May 2017 – A night out in some rare hot weather in my new Self Portrait dress Instagram – @steph_finny

May 2017 – Cooper showing us just how cute he is

1. Focus More Time on the Blog

Last year I made a big move and gave the site a complete makeover including a new name. But I’m still not where I want to be with the blog. My focus this year is to improve my content and to focus more on niche for the blog.

2. Take Up Yoga and Pilates

So this year started off with me dealing with a bad case of sciatica. I’ve been in extreme pain since the end of Christmas. Now it’s made me realise I need to start doing more exercise to aid my back. From past experience I know I’m not a big fan of gym workouts, so I’m hoping this may be the better option for me.

August 2017 – Had a fantastic birthday weekend, stayed at the Marine Hotel, North Berwick Instagram – @steph_finny

March 2017 – One of the many amazing sunsets that Edinburgh brings Instagram – @steph_finny

February 2017 – Saw Cirque Du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall Instagram – @steph_finny

3. Travel More

Last year I never really had much opportunity to think about going away on holiday. I had a trip to London early last year and that was about all I managed to do. This year however I would like to try and do some sight seeing even if its just some European city breaks.

January 2017 – Trying to be a healthy eating blogger and trying out new places in Edinburgh Instagram – @steph_finny

August 2017 – Continuing to bring more of my face onto the blog by doing more fashion content Instagram – @steph_finny

August 2017 – I cut my hair to the shortest it had been in a long time Instagram – @steph_finny

4. Socialise More in the Blogging Community

Since I started blogging this is one thing I’ve struggled to do. Mostly because I didn’t know where to start but also because my anxiety stopped me from putting myself out there and speaking to people. But now as I am taking my blogging more seriously I feel like this step could help me spread my wings a bit more in this massive community.

5. Find a Relationship

Although I’ve been quite content with being single. After everything I’ve been through the past few years I’ve found that I’m ready to find someone, or at least start dating.

May 2017 – Saw my favourite band Prides in Edinburgh Instagram – @steph_finny

April 2017 – Tried out my new Olympus Pen for the first time Instagram – @steph_finny

May 2017 – Fun times with friends at Edinburgh Zoo Instagram – @steph_finny

6. Start Searching For New Job Opportunities

Even though I am still enjoying the job I currently have, I know its not my forever job. So later in the year I want to start searching for jobs again and hopefully find one in the area within the career I want to have.

July 2017 – The blog launched and I fun creating new content for its launch Instagram – @steph_finny

7. Get a Better Car

This year I get the chance to get rid of my current car and find myself a new one. As first cars go I’ve been quite lucky to have the car I have. But at the same time it hasn’t been a truly satisfying car to drive, and its been a bit of a money pit ever since I took it for its first service and MOT. So I’m excited to see what I will end up with next.

December 2017 – Taking creative photos at the Edinburgh Christmas Market Instagram – @steph_finny

May 2017 – Taking Epic photos at the zoo Instagram – @steph_finny

August 2017 – Catching on of the last hot days in Scotland Instagram – @steph_finny

8. Buy a New Designer Item

Once I’ve saved a bit more money this year, I want to treat myself to a new designer item. What that will be I don’t know but there is a wish list and it will all depend on how much money I can save.

9. Continue to Improve Photography Skills

As you can probably tell a lot of my goals revolve around the blog, but I feel this will be one ways to improve my content. Plus I have two amazing cameras that I still haven’t invested in more equipment for yet.

July 2017 – Having fun taking selfies with Cooper Instagram – @cooperthe_cockapoo

May 2017 – Great cocktails and great times with friends Instagram – @steph_finny

10. Create an Exciting Instagram Feed

One thing I’ve struggled with when it comes to promoting my blog is creating an interesting and eye-catching social media presence especially when it comes to Instagram. This year I hope to spend a bit more time taking interesting photos and uploading more frequently.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I am looking forward to seeing how many of these I will achieve throughout the year.

What are your goals for the year?


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