Fashion Magazines vs Fashion Bloggers

Has the Fashion Magazine Come to an End?

Fashion magazines have long been our fashion bibles for many years. Showing us the latest trends and showcasing the show-stopping pieces from the biggest names in fashion. However over the past few years there has been a rise in the ‘Superstar’ bloggers. So ‘Superstar’ in fact you will find them sitting front row alongside the leading magazine editors and retail buyers at fashion week. But who is the best to turn too these days when it comes to gathering your tips and inspirations for the latest fashion?

I remember as a fashion student, I could not function until I had read the latest issue of Vogue. For the majority of my studies it played a key note in my research. But it was also one of the things that enlightened my interest in fashion and design. Even if Vogue didn’t produce a magazine there is something about the elegance and class of the company that has long made the fashion world worship the very ground they stand on. As soon as you scroll the pages a fashion magazine you are instantly hit with luxury and wealth, because lets face it you are more likely to see a £5000 jacket in one of these magazines than a £50 one. However I suppose your wish lists need to start somewhere.

But when you hit up a bloggers website and look at their latest fashions you are usually met with a healthy mixture of high street and designer. One thing that drew me to start reading blogs was for this very reason. I began to value designer goods, I understood why there was such a significant cost involved, but that still didn’t mean I had the money to buy everything I wanted. Many bloggers I enjoy, including Inthefrow and Lydia Ellise Millen are good at writing posts on how to save for these designer goods and where are the best places to buy. Fashion magazines on the other hand are quick to make you feel like you should already have a sickening amount of disposable income at your ‘disposal.’

Also on the other hand I find fashion bloggers tend to explore fashion from a wearable perspective. Investing in classic designer staples and mixing it with on trend high street pieces. With so many trends and ‘it’ products it can be confusing to know where to start with your new seasons’ wardrobe. For me following the bloggers that I enjoy makes it easier to digest and picture outfits that I already own and what I need to add. Most bloggers also give you more options other than the outfit they are showcasing on their post, which always helps. But fashion magazines are a great source for inspiration and creativity. I have always used fashion publications as a good source of research not only for pulling together ideas for designs but for blog posts too.

Either way I still think there will always be a place for fashion magazines, somewhere to get full coverage on all the latest fashions. But the world of fashion blogging is no laughing matter especially those who get the inside scoop. They are proving to have a strong influence on their readers/viewers and the brands that want to work with them.

So let me here from you, will there always be room for fashion magazines in your life or do you prefer the voices of these influencing bloggers?


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