Why You Should Be On Pinterest

Board: Design Ideas

There are so many social media outlets out there at the moment. It can make it hard to know what Ines are worth putting your time and effort into, especially if you are a blogger. When it comes to Pinterest though you have the ideal platform for not only inspiration but for promotion.

Board: Spring/Summer Style

Pinterest has been around for a while now, but recently it has grown into the ideal mood board site for designers, bloggers and general creatives. Think of it like a vast Google Images where you can save images on to these ‘mood boards’ for any project you are working on. I loved using Pinterest for that purpose over the years. For many of my university projects I had a boards to collect my images for my sketchbooks. I have boards for sparking inspiration when it comes to areas like fashion design, photography and illustration. And recently I have been using it to aid my mission to redecorate my bedroom.

But Pinterest is also a good tool for promoting a blog or a business. You will notice when you go on to certain sites that a Pinterest icon appears when you hover over the images. This allows users to share them to there own boards out with the Pinterest website. This is one way you can spread the word about your site. But also you can share your content yourself and that way you can make sure the content has the best search optimisation.

Board: Autumn/Winter Style


But most of all it just highly addictive and fun!

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