My Top 10 Travel Wishlist

Ever since I started working full time, my urge to travel has grown. Mainly because I can now save to do such a thing. There are many areas of the world I would love to see and many I would love to revisit. So I thought I would create a Wishlist to not only share with you but to also have something to refer to myself whenever I catch the travel bug.

And I suppose this list is in the order of preference, with number 1 being on top of the list.

10. Orlando

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

This will always be on my travel Wishlist, and I suppose if you have never been you won’t understand until you have. But Orlando, and particularly Disney World is my happy place. It is so out of this world it is definitely one holiday where you forget all your troubles.

9. Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Ever since I watched ‘Eat Pray Love’ I have always wanted to see this beautiful place. As you will probably tell with a lot of the places on my list they all visually striking and that’s mainly because I want photography to play a major part in visiting these places. So that is one of the main reasons why this is in my top 10.

8. Barcelona 

Gaudi in Barcelona

One thing that I have found is that, when it comes to traveling I haven’t explored a lot of European cities and there are many I want to see. Especially since these should be the easiest to visit. I have always wanted see parts of Spain that aren’t tourist resorts, and Barcelona has always been high on my list due to the Gaudi landmarks scattered across the city.

7. Copenhagen 

Copenhagen at Night

Very rarely do I ever travel towards the end of the year. And I always think it can be ideal time to to certain cities in the snow and alive with all their festivities. No matter the season though Copenhagen always looks bright and colourful. And all round photogenic.

 6. Moldova

Moldova Landscape

I remember once reading an travel article in a lifestyle magazine about the most underrated travel destinations in Europe, and one of them was Moldova. The picture that followed showed a beautiful countryside and I knew then it was a place I had to see for myself. I have also recently met someone from Moldova, who I have learnt a little bit more from. I don’t know how easy it will be to see this country but it will remain on my list until I do.

5. Tokyo

Tokyo Streets at Night

I think Japan is on a lot of people’s travel lists, mainly because the country is so different to anywhere else. You have cities like Tokyo that are so advance and mind numbingly modern, then towns in the country that are so traditional and rich in culture.

4. Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

 Singapore is quite a new entry on my Wishlist. For a while last year, I had thought about moving to South Korea to teach and Singapore was high on my list of places to see while I was there. It’s such a unique and multicultural city, it would be somewhere that I would to say I’ve been to at least once.

3. Paris

Notre Dame, Paris

I have visited Paris once before but it was such a whirlwind visit, I never got the chance to appreciate the architecture and Parisian style that I love about the city. I would love to visit again but this time avoid the touristy landmarks and experience the food, shopping and get lost in the streets of the city.

2. Boston

Boston Streets

I want to see Boston in the Autumn! The city turns into a sea of orange and red with pumpkins on the doorstep and leaves on the ground. It really just looks like a bloggers dream location. But really I just want to experience many parts of America as I possibly can as each state is dramatically different from the other.

1. Los Angeles

Palm Trees, Los Angeles

Number 1 on the list is the City of Angels, LA! I have wanted to visit here for so long. I even want to experience living here at some point in my life. The laid back Californian life is enough to call me to Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive and Runyon Canyon. Plus it has its own Disneyland which is always a bonus in my eyes.

As you can see I have a lot of saving up to do, also considering there are a few other places I want to see that aren’t on the list. I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what places have made it on to your travel Wishlist!!



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