Should We Always Choose To Follow Our Dreams?






I know by reading the title of this post you may have presumed that I am about to open up some serious debate about the following topic. But really I just want to have a general chat as it’s something that has been playing on my mind recently. Following your dreams can mean so many different things these days that I feel, at times, confused.

 Reach For The Stars

Within the last couple of months I started a new job where I met someone who has a mindblowing amount of motivation and positivity about who he wants to be and what direction he wants to stear his life in. But he has also had some life events in his childhood that has given him that push and drive to pursue his ‘dreams.’ Is that what plays a major factor for people when it comes to chasing their dreams? Do you need to have something or someone in your life to seriously drive that motivation in you? Because I’m beginning to feel that if not you are left thinking, how can someone like me manage to accomplish my dreams? Or ‘It never happens to people like me.’



With this type of attitude I think I’ve started wondering what my dreams actually are. If you asked me about 10 years ago I probably would have said my dream was to be a film actor or a screenwriter. But now i definitely have no dreams that revolve around my ambitions, mainly because I have no idea what career I want. I suppose that’s what makes it hard to know which way to turn first. In some ways though that is part of the challenge isn’t it because if it were that easy we would all be living our dreams lives.

“But is there a more realistic way to follow your dreams?”

Of course I would never say no to following your dreams. But is there a more realistic way to follow them? By taking it one day at a time, saving money where you need to and be rational with the opportunities that come you way? Really though it’s frightening to jump right in when the world to swallow you whole.




This year I make it my aim to figure out what my dreams are and what I hope to work to towards through my life. Of course I have a few things I hope to do with my life, but I see them more as bucket list opportunities like travel more and possibly live in another country for some period of my life (I suppose I could count this one as a dream). But at this point time I am going to take each day as it comes. I want to try and see my life from different perspectives as the one thing I never want to find myself is well, stuck!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I would like to know your views on following your dreams, please feel free to leave a comment.




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