Healthy Eating in Edinburgh | Pumpkin Brown Cafe Review


Recently I think I’ve learnt more about my city from reading other people’s blogs or watching YouTube videos. But after watching Zoella’s Edinburgh vlogs I came across today’s cafe. Pumpkin Brown.


MBiP Rating: 9/10

Value for Money: £

Address: 16 Grassmarket, EH1 2JU

Opening Times: Mon – Sun 10-6


Nearby Gyms:

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I think for me if I’m buying food on the go, the main thing I look for is freshness. The only time I have ever felt truly comfortable buying food on the go is from somewhere like Pret A Manger or EAT. When I found out about Pumpkin Brown I knew I would love it. Everything is made on the premises and on the day. And if you enjoyed Urban Angel or knew it was a place for you due to them being special diet friendly, then you’ll love PB even more. Everything here is natural, whole foods. They are dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free.

The Superfood Deli with a Homely Feel


The shop has a very rustic feel with a lot of dark wood and low atmospheric lighting. There are a couple of areas for sitting in but it is mostly a place for grabbing food on the go. Large fridges filled with delightful treats for breakfast and lunch (or brunch). Plus a hot meal prepared for you behind the coffee bar along with acai smoothie bowls. As this cafe is mainly for food on the go there is limited seating. I would advise you not to go here with the intension of sitting in as I discovered myself. But in honesty don’t let that put you off, there are plenty of spots in the area to sit down to enjoy your food. Food with a view!

The Coffee Bar


One thing I was intrigued about my visit to Pumpkin Brown was the vast array of choices from the drinks menu. Within the hot drinks menu there is the usual choice of coffees, like lattes and cappuccinos. There is also a good variety of herbal teas, but also speciality lattes. So if you have ever wanted to try a matcha or tumeric latte you now know where to go. I tried a tumeric latte for the first time and I surprisingly enjoyed it. I suppose if you are someone who enjoys a chai latte you will enjoy this.


Side note, if you choose to have a tumeric latte, I recommend having it with coconut milk.

Raw Food Cakes


This was one of the best things about Pumpkin Brown I would make continued visits just in order to pick up a slice of one of their raw cakes. They are always inventing new combinations so you will probably never see the same cake twice. They are insanely good and I didn’t think twice about not actually eating a sugary cake. I had a cake resembling a slice of millionaire shortbread, and it was tastier than eating a slice made with chocolate and caramel. It was so gooey and the right amount of sweetness coming from the date. Even if you only have time to take away then I totally recommend you do so.

Breakfast Options


Because I was a bit unsure of how things worked at the cafe. I opted for one of their pre made and packaged options. I chose the pot of oats with apple and cinnamon. It was very tasty but there was a lot of eating which would be fine for most people, but for me personally my palette starts ‘rejecting’ the taste of nuts/seeds/oats if I have eaten them too much (if that makes sense). However this is not going to stop me from going back and trying other options. In fact I already plan to go back to try one of their Acai Bowls, which you need to follow their Instagram page for.


I hope you enjoyed your post and gave you the urge to visit Pumpkin Brown yourself…it’s worth it!!




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