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Over the past year I have pushed myself to try even more beauty products. Mainly for my own benefit obviously but also so I could share my experiences with each product on here. So its no surprise that most of my best of 2016 includes beauty products. But of course my life over the past year hasn’t completely circled around beauty products so I have a few other things to share with you on this list.


I have always had problematic skin and its meant that I have struggled to understand my skin and what to do with it. Over the past couple of year’s I have started to embrace my skin and be braver when it came to trying new products and new brands. So again this year I tried a fair few, and that included new make up products also.


1.Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum

I have probably mentioned this product a couple of times on here already but this product has surprised me the most since I started using it back in the summer. Mainly because I had no expectations, as everyone I had seen using it had beautiful skin anyway (well compared to me they did). But ever since I have started using it I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my hyperpigmentation and pore size.

2. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

This year I ran out of my favourite Goldfadden’s Daily Scrub. I was left thinking ‘what am I going to use now?’ While I was debating what to get, I found a miniature of Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish. I instantly fell in love with it. I had previously used it before but that was when I was teenager and it never really worked for me then. So I went out and bought a full sized product, as you do.


3. Tarte ‘Rainforest of the Sea’ Foundation

This is one of the products I purchased when I was in America last year. I made it my mission to pick up as many American brands as possible while I was there. I have always wanted to try a tarte product so when I spotted the foundation I knew that this was the product for me. I love this foundation so much its lightweight with a medium coverage, but it is also still buildable. It has a dropper applicator so you can be in better control of how much product you use.

4. Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic

I got this product last December and I had heard a lot about it so I was excited to give it a try. Although this is a great product and has improved my skin, I can’t really use it when I have a major breakout. But its definitely a product I will continue to re buy and have to hand in skincare pantry.




I love reading about how people live the lives. We all have our own addictions and traditions we love to centre our non working time around. We could spend most of time going to the gym, you could be someone who likes to spend most of the free time in new places and exploring the world. Or you could be someone who has spends their days at home with family. But no matter what your lifestyle we all have our comforts and we all like to try new products that jazzes up our everyday life. Here are my 2016 favourites.

1. Isle of Skye Candles

As I have got older my obsession for candles, sorry scented candles, has dramatically grown. In all honesty I have too many for my small bedroom, so much so I can only light one at a time. Par Jo Malone, one of my favourite brands that I always go back to is Isle of Skye candles. They are made from Soy, produced in Scotland, and they smell divine.  The scents aren’t too harsh so they leave more of a fresher scent around your room. My favourite scents in 2016 were Juniper and Frankincense and Myrrh.

2. iPhone 6s Plus

I know for a lot of people Apple products are the bane of their lives and will never choose to own one. But for me as a creative Apple is perfect for me and it works well with all the professional softwares I use almost on a daily basis. So I was due a new phone, a.k.a an upgrade on my iPhone. I instantly preferred the iPhone 6s Plus so I could do more blogging on the go. Having the bigger screen meant it was easier to use the WordPress app and it made it easier to edit my photos.

3. ‘Bloom’ by Estee Lalonde

Much to my own frustration I never done as much reading as I would have liked last year. But one book that I could not put down was Bloom. I bought it on a whim as I had never personally read Estee’s blog or watched any of her videos. I suppose that may be one of the reasons why I connected so much to it as I never had any pre conceived expectations of what this book would tell me. Its such a lovely book to read and a great one to read with a cup of tea after a long day.


4. Jo Malone

I won’t speak too much about this one as I think Jo Malone appears in every ‘favourite’ and ‘best of’ post I do. However I find myself buying their products more and more every year. I think it may be safe to say I should just get myself a Jo Malone concession counter in my house and then I would never need to worry about running out of my favourite products. But here is to another year of Jo Malone filling my room with amazing scents.


Last but not least is a few fashion pieces I have been loving this year. I have to admit I never bought much in the way of clothes this year, mainly because I spent most of my clothing allowance on Florida gear. But the clothes that I did buy have started to shape a new style for me. I’m not entirely sure what that is yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves over 2017. Here are my favourites of 2016.

1. Kate Spade Bag and Purse


I purchased this bag while in America and I love and haven’t stopped using it since. I love its classic shape, I was after a classic bag the colour however was a bit bolder than what I had originally planned to get. Kate Spade has great quality bags, its a strong leather with a great finish on it for durability. I also went for an saffino style leather as it means it doesn’t great easily marked or scratched. I would definitely recommend Kate Spade.

2. Camel Coat


This year I wanted to get myself a nice new winter coat and I had been loving the Camel coats that had been vastly growing on trend. I managed to find a lovely coat with the ideal length from Marks and Spencer within their Limited Edition Collection. And it has served me well and is a such a diverse coat that that looks great with casual and more formal outfits.

3. Knee Hight Boots

This year there were more knee high and over the knee about than you could possibly comprehend. Which made it very difficult to decide which ones I actually really wanted to own. But I decided to go for a casual pair so that wear them more often and feel comfortable wearing them all day. Obviously now I have a casual pair I now want a high heel version. The pair I went for were from Clarks and they are black suede with a cubed heel.They are so comfy and a great quality.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry for the quality of the photographs, I am trying to find some better backgrounds for my pictures and also better area for natural lighting. If you have any tips on how to get the better flat lays let me know below.

What was your favourite items you bought in 2016?



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