Welcome 2017!


Well it is that time again where we must welcome another year into our lives. It is a time some of us fear and yet it’s something we can’t control so we must learn to embrace it. Looking back on 2016 I can only muster one word for it…shit! (Excuse my French). But seriously it’s a year I would rather forget. So I am making it my mission to make 2017 a year to remember.

Time For A Fresh Start!

In some ways my year will begin rather positively as I have already managed to achieve some of my goals from my 2017 wish list from one of my previous posts. I don’t want that to be an excuse for not continuing to try achieve some of the rest on my list. So for this post I want to set myself some small resolutions for the that I think will help me progress with goals and make me feel that I’ve worked towards them rather than wait for them to happen.

Be More Positive

This has been something I have struggled with quite a bit, I have the tendency to see the negatives to things before the positives. But in 2017 I want to start working on improving this mind set by taking time to observe situations that come my way. In turn I hope improving this outcome on my life will encourage me to be more happy and bring more motivation to my everyday living.

Give More Self Praise

This kind of follows on from my point above. I want to be able to recognise that positivity and praise myself for achieving something no matter how small. I don’t want to doubt myself or constantly see room improvement and with that, not to compare myself to others or to other people’s success. Because at the end of the day everyone is different and people progress at their own pace.

 Respect Myself More

Basically what I mean by this is, just to look after myself a bit more this year. To begin with  I want to start with adding more exercise into my life. I am lucky that I work in retail and most of my day involves being on my feet and running around a shop floor and up and down stairs. But I need to introduce some more intense workouts to my life and possibly even yoga or pilates to help my back. Once I’m happy with this I want to refine my diet a little more, nothing major just cutting back on few things, like sugar!

Be More Social

For this I just want to live my life a bit more to the fullest, I am the sort of person that when I’m not working I will just sit in the house and do nothing. Which don’t get me wrong, its fine if you work long weeks and want a day to relax. But I have too many relaxing days. I need to take as many opportunities to see my friends as I possibly can and even still just getting out the of the house in general.

Well I think these are pretty manageable, I hope! And hopefully it will bring me closer to the type of life I want to live and achieve some of my 2017 goals.

 So here is to 2017! I hope it will be a better year for all. I will certainly be making sure I’m pushing myself to make the most of it. Despite it being a pretty miserable year, I did have a few good memories and they were documented on Instagram. So the images featured in this post are my favourite Instagram posts of 2016.

Happy New Year Everybody!!



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