10 Things I Hope For in 2017


Recently I’ve hit a major low in my life and I’ve spent the past couple of months not feeling 100% myself. So instead of writing a post on how much I hate the world right now and how much I wish my life would change. I thought looking forward into the future (next year to be precise) would maybe spark some motivation and possibly positivity back into my life. But I also didn’t want this to be a list of resolutions, but more like things to work towards or push myself to do what will make me happy. The resolutions will come later when I can understand fully how I can change how I’m feeling.

1.Be in a Better Employment Situation – 2017 is my Year!!

Now I do kind of see this as a resolution as well. But it is something I need work towards and keep fighting for. Although this is part of the root of my problems, its one of those things I need to learn to remain strong about no matter how many set backs and rejections I face.

2.Update the Blog

I’ve been wanting to do this for about a year now but I’ve never got round to doing it, or I never had the money to do it. So not only do I want to give the blog a visual makeover, it would be nice to start pushing it towards becoming a professional blog.

3.Visit London Again

Its only been two years since I was last there but there was a point in my life where I was there almost every year. And its one of my happy places. I love nothing more than walking around Knightsbridge, Regents Street, Carnaby Street, etc and catching an amazing show on the West End. Usually Wicked. Maybe I just need a weekend away.

Most of all I just want to be happy, which will be the hardest thing of all as this is the thing I need to work on in order to change my mindset.

4. Start Saving for a Big Holiday or Go Travelling

Within the next couple of years I would love to go on a big holiday either by myself or with my sister. But I would like to see Los Angeles which I have been dreaming about visiting for years. But I would also like to do something Disney related again, obviously! I’ve also recently thought about going travelling for a little while, actually to be more accurate I’ve considered the possibility of going to South Korea to teach English for a year but it is all in research stages at the moment

5.Go to Goodwood Festival of Speed

One thing you may not know about me is I am a huge car fanatic especially when it comes to super/sports cars. Since I am not in a position to experience these cars everyday but also since I’ve started driving myself I’ve wanted to start involving more car related things in my life. Even if its setting up cheeky test drives now again. But one event I’ve always wanted to see is the Festival of Speed especially as a lot of my favourite manufacturers get involved with this event.

6. Go on More Road Trips


Following on from what I said above, I want to start embracing my love of cars and driving more. Since starting to drive I still haven’t ventured very far in the car, mainly because I’ve felt as though my wee car couldn’t handle it. But so what, when I’m not fighting with my car I really enjoy driving and find it such a mood booster especially when some good music is involved too.

7.Improve my Photography Skills

My photography skills aren’t bad but I want them to be better. I’ve always longed to be the type of photographer that whenever they are bored they just head out somewhere and take photos. So next year I want to be more adventurous and stop hiding in the house. Hopefully as a result my photography skills will improve…and maybe I can invest in a new camera because of that.

8.Explore my City More

I want to do this for many reasons. One because I’ve discovered I enjoy walking around my city and finding places and streets I haven’t discovered before. Two, it falls under improving my photography skills as there is so many photogenic areas in Edinburgh. And finally I want to start visiting more independent restaurants, cafes and shops so I can not only share them with you on here but so I can get a better flavour of my home city and maybe it will make me feel more at home and I can find somewhere that makes me happy and I can escape to.

9.Get a Tattoo

This one I have put off for years. My pain threshold is not very high at all, so that’s the biggest reason as to why I’ve put it off. But another reason is I want to be 100% sure that the design I want to get isn’t something I am going to change my mind about later on. So I have an idea now, I just need to draw it out and if I still want it in a couple of months time then I am going to go for it.

10. Be Happy and Healthy

Most of all I just want to be happy, which will be the hardest thing of all as this is the thing I need to work on in order to change my mindset. But most importantly to change the way I see my life. I know in order to achieve this goal I need to push myself out my comfort zone and set new challenges for myself. And I also need to start looking after myself properly and that includes bringing more exercise into my life.

Thanks for listening, it will be interesting to see what my new year resolutions will be  in the next month. I will be interested to see if there is any changes by then.

Do you have any goals in your sights already for the New Year?



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