Wahaca Review

Of course! Just when I’m starting getting back into a rhythm of updating on regular basis I have to get ill! So I do apologise for the my disappearance over the past couple of weeks, but it also means I have a few posts ready to share.

So before I got sick I visited a new (but not new to me) restaurant in Edinburgh, Wahaca. Wahaca is one of my favourite restaurants which I’ve only really experienced on visits to London. The restaurant was started by Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers with originally a chain of them around London. Within the last two-three years the restaurant chain has steadily moved up the country, with the most recent restaurant landing in Edinburgh. The restaurant opened at the beginning of October, but of course I had a table booked way before then.


We arrived a bit early so we headed to the bar first while we waited for our table. They have a great variety of drinks that are all originating from Mexico. With a wide variety of Mexican beers and Tequilas as well as great range of Mexican inspired cocktails. Which I totally recommend, there is a fantastic range of flavours of margaritas, and they really pack a punch.


One tip: Don’t avoid the nibbles, the guacamole is the best thing ever! The portion sizes are ideal so you don’t feel too guilty about eating something before your main.

My Dishes:

  • Huitlacoche empanadas
  • Black bean & cheese Quesadillas
  • Smoky chicken & avocado Tostadas



Huitlacoche Empanadas: Crispy pastry parcels stuffed with mushrooms, truffley Mexican corn & melted cheese. This was a really tasty dish and really cheesy which I loved. A great vegetarian dish and it doesn’t have a lot of spice. But if you are not a fan of mushrooms then avoid this dish as there is a lot stuffed into those little pastries.


Black Bean & Cheese Quesadilla: Traditional slow cooked smoky black beans with bay & avocado leaf. This is my regular at Wahaca, its one of my favourite dishes. Its such a simple dish but with lots of flavour. The Quesadillas are good pick at Wahaca and great option if you are popping in for a quick lunch.


Smoky Chicken & Avocado: Shredded poached chicken. guacamole, chipotle mayo & fresh slaw. This will definitely be a regular now for me. This was such a beautiful dish, plus it had my favourite guacamole on it. One thing to note about this dish is it is served cold, so it is extremely fresh and light. But also if you have picked a rather spicy/hot taco this would be a great dish to calm your palette afterwards.

Anyway whatever you chose at Wahaca, you will probably be left with dishes like this and feeling extremely satisfied and wanting more!!

Wahaca is such a great restaurant and I great place to go for a good catch up meal with your friends. It has a great atmosphere and it will be one of your best dining experiences in a long time. I always look forward to my next Wahaca visit.


I hope to see you next time




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