My Most Influential Vloggers

Since last time I spoke to you about my favourite bloggers I only thought it right to show you some of my favourite vloggers. I also mentioned in the post that at the moment I am watching more videos than reading blogs so I have a wider variety of content I’ve been watching. I think a lot more bloggers are moving to video content as they can be a lot more creative and its a lot more easier to express how they feel about the things they are talking about. So lets get to it.



Source – YouTube

Most of the reasons why I read Inthefrow’s blog apply also to her vlogs. As the same amount of effort and quality goes into her vlog content. I sometimes prefer watching her videos especially when it comes to her luxury fashion videos, as you can see how much she loves what she is talking about and she really goes into detail when talking about her garments. And for me Victoria is serious hair and make up goals.



Source – YouTube

Zoella is one of my favourite YouTubers and I have been watching her videos for years and its amazing what she has achieved. Zoe is like a best friend you can go to for some recommendations and advice. She is incredibly funny, and totally herself. She isn’t afraid to share some of her personal stories if she knows it will help someone, especially when it comes to mental health. I’ve found that I also have some similar tastes and interests to Zoe. So she is someone that I go to watch her clothing and homeware hauls to get some inspiration. Her daily vlogs are also incredibly funny too.

Lisa Eldridge


Source – YouTube

I have recently got into Lisa’s channel, she is one of my favourite professional make up artists that has amazing A-list clients and has worked with some of the biggest fashion publications. So when I realised she creates YouTube videos I had to check them out. I have loved watching her videos and have already learnt so much from them. She really explains what  she is doing and she talks while she is putting the make up on instead of doing voice overs. She also explains how to achieve her looks with different products. Her looks are not age limiting as well so anybody can take away tips and tricks from her videos. Lisa is like having your own beauty and make up advisor at your fingertips.

Ellie Steadman


Source – YouTube

I love Ellie, she is so down to earth and I think probably one of the more and normal YouTubers I watch at the moment (I use the term ‘normal’ lightly as I know all YouTubers are normal but some have grown to have extraordinary opportunities and lives). She is still quite a new YouTuber so she doesn’t do it full time and still works. But most importantly Ellie is a Disney vlogger. Most of her content is Disney related and she also makes regular visits to Disneyland Paris where she vlogs her visits.

My Pale Skin


Source – YouTube

This is another YouTuber that has helped me deal with my skin. Em, who runs My Pale Skin, has her own acne problems and shows you how to do your make up to cover up your break outs. I’ve learnt so much from watching Em’s videos that I’ve become more confident in wearing less make up on my face through the tips that Em has shared.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found yourself some new YouTubers to watch. If you have your own favourites let me know below

I shall see you next time



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