Most Anticipated Autumn/Winter Movies 2016

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I’m back doing another movie post, it feels like an age since I last done one of these posts, and you all seemed to enjoy them when I did them before. So for my return to movie posts I thought I would put together a little list of the movies I am most looking forward to catching in the cinema this Autumn/Winter period.

All these movies will be released within September to December period and they are all based off the UK release dates, so they may be slightly different if you are watching elsewhere.

Café Society


Source – Harpers Bazaar

First up is the latest Woody Allen movie, this one may already be released by the time this post goes live so keep an eye out. Typical to a Woody Allen movie it features a heavy star studded cast including Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart and Steve Carell. It is set in the 1930’s and the story contains a lot of romance and glamour. It will definitely be great for a girly cinema date.

Release Date – 2nd Sept

Captain Fantastic


Source – Youtube

This looks like quite a quirky movie but with a warm hearted story. Its a strong story about family and the struggles that face a certain family when they integrate back into society after spending a decade living in the wilderness. Viggo Mortensen stars as the father left to help his family move on after the sudden death of their mother. This movie won’t be for everybody, but I think it will be quite an entertaining movie.

Release Date – 9th Sept

The Girl on the Train


Source – Bustle

I think this will be a big hit for all you book lovers out there. I personally haven’t read this one yet, I am thinking about seeing the movie first as I have heard they made some big changes to the film. I have never really been a big fan of thrillers but after seeing the trailer I think its a movie I could get quite into. Plus Emily Blunt looks amazing in the film.

Release Date – 7th Oct

Doctor Strange


Source – Games Radar

This is the movie I am most looking forward to seeing. I am a huge Marvel fan and I am looking forward to seeing how the latest installments turns out. It looks a lot different from the other movies that have been brought to us from the Cinematic Universe. I am also excited to see what Benedict Cumberbatch brings to the table with his Marvel debut. And I will no doubt see this on opening night.

Release Date – 28th Oct

A Street Cat Named Bob


Source – Hello Magazine

 Now if you liked Marley and Me you will no doubt love this, even if you are not a cat person. This was originally an book like Marley and Me, now it has been turned into a British made movie with a great British cast including Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey and Bob the cat himself. Its a heart warming story about a man who is struggling to go through life who is then gifted a cat that totally transforms him and his life. You’ll need to watch the trailer to see for yourself.

Release Date – 4th Nov

Beauty and the Beast (La Belle Et La Bete)


Source – UniFrance

 If you can’t wait until next year to see Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast then you can get your Belle fix later this year. French film Pathe are releasing their own version of the of the fairytale starring Vincent Cassel and Lea Seydoux. Yes it is in French but visually it looks stunning and for me that’s good enough a reason to watch this. Although I do find that I enjoy a French made film as they are very powerful with their storytelling.

Release Date – 6th Nov

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Source – Pottermore

There would be something horribly wrong with me if I did not include this in my list. It is of course the latest instalment in the Harry Potter franchise (that isn’t Harry Potter). This time round they are taking us to America to see what the Wizarding World is like over on the other side of the pond. I am really excited to see this as it is going to be so different to what we are used to seeing. I just hope its not too different that I end up not liking it or comparing it too much.

Release Date – 18th Nov



Source – Inside the Magic

This is the next big movie to come from Disney. Their next princess movie to come after Frozen. I am a huge Disney fan so of course I am excited to see this. After watching the trailer though, I am not 100% what the music will be like for this one, I don’t know if it will  set out like a musical or not. This looks like another great movie from Disney, but I don’t know if I will enjoy it as much as Frozen and Tangled. I think this will be a great movie to see just before Christmas.

Release Date – 2nd Dec

I hope you enjoyed this post I will hopefully be doing more movie related posts in the future. If you would like me to do any reviews on these movies when they are released, let me know in the comments below and I will get on the case.


Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these videos or photos, these are used to help represent the items spoken about in the post.


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