My ‘Style’ Icons

Style icons  for me aren’t just people I take inspiration from in terms of fashion and beauty. They are usually people that inspire me in all aspects of my life, this wasn’t intentional I think its just purely down to the more I’ve learnt about them the more I find things I like about them.

The term ‘style’ can be used for many different reasons, it can refer to beauty, it can refer to fashion and how we dress ourselves. But it can be used to help describe the way we choose to live our lives, hence style being used in the word ‘lifestyle.’ So I suppose this is why I can’t just call these people my ‘icons.’ They are people who influence every part of my life and style. In a way you could also say they were role models.

I also have a mixture of women and men because I like the idea of having both males and females to look up to. Besides there is probably women out there that look up to David Bowie or Prince and there is probably men that look up to the likes of Emma Watson or Jessica Ennis. We all have reasons for why we choose to follow certain people and it could just be down to their fashion sense or even the charity they support.

These are the people, that given the chance I would love to have physically in my life in order to hear their passion and wisdom every day and maybe also get a few fashion and beauty tips from. These are people I don’t obsess over, I don’t spend hours of my day trawling the internet looking for news about them or aspire to get a tattoo of them some day. But I just love who they are and what they stand for and how they help me in my life (although that does sound a bit cheesy but its true).

Emma Watson


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I feel like I have grown up with Emma in my life, of course there was growing up with Harry Potter, Hermione being one of my favourite characters. But back then that’s all she really was. Then her fashion style developed and I fell in love with her chic Parisian style and her love for sustainable fashion. And now one of the things Emma has been working on in her career is obviously campaigning about Gender Equality. I have never really taken much notice to it in my own life until Emma showed what it really meant.

Jennifer Morrison

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 I firstly love Jennifer as Emma Swan on Once Upon A Time, currently one of my favourite tv shows. But I also love her passion for independent cinema and filmmaking. In between filming Once she works on her own projects like directing her 2015 short ‘Warning Labels.’ And the way she speaks about the film industry is just exactly the way I feel about it. It’s an art form where people choose to use a camera to express themselves. After following her on social media I also came to realize she is very family orientated and chooses to live her life as normal as possible which is quite refreshing. And also serious hair goals from this lady, I want her hair so badly.

Tom Hiddleston


Source – Hamilton Hodell

Like I said before I feel that you need to have some male role models in your life, for whatever reason that may be. For me Tom Hiddleston is one of my male role models. But he has influenced me a lot in fashion too. As a designer I have a real fondness for tailoring and that stems into a love for menswear design. And I often find myself using Tom in my research. But I also love Tom’s passion for what he does. The way he speaks about his work and his love for theatre and film just makes you appreciate his work even more. As someone who also has keen interest in this area it’s always nice to hear someone who genuinely loves what they do.

 Zoe Sugg a.k.a Zoella


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Oh Zoella, I suppose it was inevitable that she would feature here, as if it wasn’t for her this blog probably wouldn’t exist. I find myself  to be quite similar Zoe, I suppose this is why feel like she inspires me a lot. I am obsessed with candles, rose gold and home wares. I am shamelessly goofy and weird and had my own share of mental issues which makes me respect Zoe for what she does and how she does it. I also love her style of fashion and love that she is a YouTuber and can tell us where she gets all her amazing clothes from.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will hopefully see you next time!


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