Disneycation Day 1 – Disney Springs


So guys we are here for my first diary blog from my most recent trip to Orlando, Florida. I wanted to wait and do this when I got home so I could spend more time creating these posts for you. Every day on my holiday was so busy that we weren’t getting back to the villa until about 10 o’clock most nights and I was too tired and knew I wouldn’t be creating content worth reading. So here we are, ready for Day 1.

Morning: Starbucks

We a lazy day, trying to recuperate after a fill day travelling the day before. We started of our day by heading to Starbucks for a light breakfast/snack before heading to Disney Springs. I was excited to try an American Starbucks as they have a much vaster menu to what we have here in the UK. I opted for the Sweet Iced Tea, mainly to see if I liked the taste as I knew this would be a great refreshing drink to have over the 2 weeks. But I soon discovered that wasn’t meant to be, sad face!

Afternoon: Disney Springs

We spent most of the afternoon at Disney Springs. It was so lovely to be there and explore the new Town Centre. The last time I was there was 10 years ago and all there was, that I can remember of, was Rainforest Café, Planet Hollywood, the Logo shop and World of Disney. The new selection of shops was crazy, I could have spent all money on that one day alone. But I stopped myself although I did allow myself to buy my Chip mug which I have been after for soooo long!



On our trip to Disney Springs we managed to book at table at one of the newer restaurants, T-Rex (you can do this through the My Disney Experience website/app). I had read a lot of reviews prior to our visit and it was very mixed. Yes, its pretty much designed for kids and a complete rival to the Rainforest Café with its atmospheric, themed dining which to be honest was much impressive than RC. However the food was fantastic and is pretty much one of our favourite meals of the trip.


Most of the fam had burgers which were huge and looked delicious and juicy and me and my mum had the BLT Chicken Sandwich, which was so tasty. It came in a warm crispy tortilla type bread, the chicken was nicely chargrilled and the lettuce had a healthy amount of avocado mixed through it. Yummy, yummy.


Evening: After Walmart it was relaxing

So after Disney Springs we headed to Walmart, a small city sized Walmart! We had self catering accommodation so we just picked up a few things to have in the villa when we needed it. But I think we took about 3 hours to walk around the whole shop. So when we got back to the villa we were all needing a rest.

A quiet first day was truly needed as it was non stop fun from then on. I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to come back for Day 2 where we will be hitting the Magic Kingdom.


Have you been to the newly upgraded Disney Springs?




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