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Welcome to  another day of Disneycation  . As you have probably guessed by now I am on holiday to Orlando, Florida which really exciting as I haven’t been here in over 10 years. We are planning on going all out on this holiday, tickets have been bought for Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Centre but most importantly Disney! While researching I started watching some Disney vlogs on YouTube and I came across Ellie Steadman’s vlogs (who I absolutely love! One of my favourites). One of her videos showed her unboxing some Minnie ears she had custom made for her. I instantly fell in love with them. Luckily though Ellie did mention who made them and details on how to get them.

Ellie’s ears were made by a girl who runs a Etsy shop called QueenUrsulaUK and her designs are just amazing. I would advise you to check out her Instagram page first to see all her designs as there isn’t many examples on her Etsy page. QueenUrsula’s shop only opens for a very short period at the end of each month as she has a full time job and can’t take on too many orders. I just missed out on getting a pair as I went on the shop too late as they sell out really quickly. I also couldn’t leave it any later as they wouldn’t arrive on time.

So I decided to make my own, taking inspiration form QueenUrsula’s designs and a few others I had seen doted around on Pinterest and Etsy.

For these ears I made one pair based around Anna for myself, on one side is Anna’s dress and on the other is Sven. And I also made a pair of Elsa ears for my sister, one side has Elsa’s dress and the other has Olaf.

So here is my step by step guide:

1. Plan and Design

Its always a good idea to plan out different designs even if you already know what characters you want to use. As there can be a million and one ways to showcase those characters. Like my designs I didn’t have to have Olaf and Sven on the other sides, I could have done Elsa’s magic or her Frozen Fever dress. And for Sven I didn’t need to have his face, I could have done just his antlers. There are numerous combinations so take your time when deciding.

2. Buy Mouse Ears


I know this sounds a bit silly considering I’m showing you how to make ears, but you need a base. Costume mouse ears come on hair band, and that’s the reason I bought these, so that part is already sorted for you. But if you would like to try and make your own ears from scratch then you can do that. Buying pre made ones just makes it easier and quicker.

3. Adding Reinforcement and Making the Ears Bigger


For this part it really up to yourself how you tackle this and it also depends on the ears you bought for your base. My ears are quite small so I wanted to make them bigger in order to add more detail and make the design clearer. I did this by creating a bigger ear template and cutting it out of black foam sheets and sticking them to either side of the ears. This also added reinforcement to the base ear as they were quite flimsy. Other ways you can do this is with mount board, card board, Paper Mache, padding.

4. Trace The Design

I used my template from the step before to cut out some more ears but this time out of a thick heavy white card. Once I had cut all my ears I traced my designs on to the appropriate ear, with a pencil. I did this on the window but its much easier if you have access to lightbox to do it on there.

5. Paint!!


Now its time for one of the fun parts, painting your designs and adding some colour. I used Acrylic paints on my ears

6. Embellishment and Pixie Dust


Once your paint work has dried you can now and whatever embellishments you desire. For my designs I used craft rhinestones and ultra fin glitter (pixie dust!). I got these pretty easily and cheaply though Ebay. This step is the bit that takes the longest so please don’t underestimate the length of time you give yourself. It would sometimes take me the whole night just to jazzle up one ear.

7. Put it Together and What Have You Got…


I used some silver glitter duck tape around the edge of the ears, and I did this before I glued on the embellished ears. This just finishes off the ears. And then I created a bow out of ribbon to add in between the ears, you can some really good tutorials on YouTube if you are bit unsure of the style of bow you want to create.

Here are the rest of the designs:

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you next time with more Disneycation.





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