In-Flight Essentials for Nervous Flyers


Okay so for some reason or another as I have gotten older I seemed to have turned myself into a nervous flyer. I get really anxious before I get on the plane and during, luckily I hasn’t progressed so much that I have a panic attack as that would just be sole destroying as I really love to travel and I love the whole idea of being in an airport knowing to about to depart on a fantastic holiday creating some amazing memories.

Because I don’t on holiday all that often I haven’t managed to truly understand and know what could help me feel more relaxed on the journey. So seeing as though this will be my first long haul flight in five years, I am planning on taking a few things that I don’t usually take to see if they help. In other words a little experiment for myself.



Whether you like music or films, it is a good way to make yourself feel at home. So I will be making sure to bring my noise cancelling headphones and my iPad full of music. Plus since I am going on a long haul flight I will get access to the on board entertainment.



One of the things I hate about flying is how comfortable I feel especially if its a long flight. So this time round I am planning on taking a few items of clothing that may just help this situation. A nice cosy sweatshirt and some fluffy warm socks will do the trick, I hope!


This is one thing I hope I can do for the vast majority of the flight as it will not only help with jetlag when I arrive in my destination but also it will possibly make the flight quicker and more bearable. I will also be taking a travel size This Works Deep Sleep to see if this will help.

Anxiety Control


I don’t know if these will work as I have never tried to take anything like these before a flight mainly due to the amount of time I was going to be on the plane. I will probably take these just before I get on the plane.

Is there anything you like to have with you on a flight to help calm anxiety?

See you next time





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