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It can be quite relaxing reading posts about people’s collections, whether it would be their shoe collection, make up collection or in this posts case my fashion book collection. Not only is it satisfying but I can give you some much needed inspiration. But I also thought this post would be slightly helpful too. As a student I always loved using books to get some research, but there is a overwhelming choice out there and even in uni libraries it can be overwhelming. I also thought it would be a good post for anyone who maybe is starting a fashion course after the summer who is looking for a head start in buying some books (I will also be doing a post later on in the Summer for fashion textbooks).

All these books I’ve bought over the years, some before I was student and some while I was. I’m not entirely sure how readily available these books are these days but I will try and leave links where I can.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty £14 – Amazon


My firm favourite from my collection. This was the book that was released to coincide with the ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I believe a newer version of this book was released when the exhibition came to the Victoria and Albert Museum last year. Its such a great book which focuses more on the images rather give you lots of information. As it focuses on all the designer’s collections from when he graduated up until he died, there is a brief introduction to each chapter to tell us what inspired McQueen  while creating these collections.


Vogue: The Gown

Vogue: The Gown £37.50 –Amazon


 This is one of my newest books in my collection and I actually got this one from TK Maxx (which is one of my hidden gems for finding good quality books). This book immediately appealed to me as it is all about couture and evening gowns, which is a side to the fashion industry I adore. All the images featured in this book is from Vogue magazines from around the world and through the years. There is a lot of information in this book, documenting the concept of the gown, how it has featured in Vogue over the years and how designers have evolved the concept. And from an interior perspective, this one will also make a great coffee table book.



Buy book second hand


This was one of my first fashion books I ever bought and it was from the Kylie exhibition (V&A) I went to in 2007 I think. But I love Kylie’s performance costumes so much and she still wears some incredible costumes today. The book is just basically set up like a catalogue of all the costumes featured in the exhibition. There is minimal information in this book. Most of the information is about the costumes for example, who designed it, when it was made and where Kylie wore it. But this is a great book to get some colourful inspiration.


Hollywood Costume

Hollywood Costume £22.95 – Amazon


I love costumes, it can sometimes be my favourite thing about watching a movie or tv show. And to be honest if I had thought about it sooner, I would have went to uni to study costume rather than fashion. A couple of years ago the Victoria and Albert has this amazing exhibition called ‘Hollywood Costume’ and I was lucky enough to get the chance to go and see it. This is the book that went along side it. For this exhibition they didn’t purely focus on the costumes themselves but rather the behind the scenes stuff that nobody really gets to see. And the book follows the same principle. This is a good book to get inspiration from something other than fashion designers.



Fashion £20.40 – Amazon


‘Fashion’ is just a great resource book. As a student I was always told to take inspiration from different eras in fashion and this was where this book has come in handy. This book has some great illustrations and photos. And offers a detailed look into some of the trends and style features of those decades. I would definitely recommend this book or one similar as it is great to have siting on your bookshelf for whenever you need it.



I hope you enjoyed this post, these are most of my fashion books, there are a few others but these are my favourite. I am hoping to do another post like this but with the books I used in university in terms of text books and reading materials. Hopefully some you found this interesting and helpful.

Do you have any recommendations?




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