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MBiP Rating – 5/5


As a fashion designer I am always looking for new ways to improve designs and become a quicker developer without feeling the wrath of ‘designers block.’ I am also, annoyingly, a sketcher that has various sketchbooks on the go at once and can’t just stick to one. So this book has allowed me to stick to one for developing designs (the fashionary) and another for drawing finalised designs in full colour illustrations.


Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly how I came across Fashionary because as a student I was constantly trailing around websites looking for fashion inspiration. I think I found them through suggestions on one of social media platforms. But however I came across them they are now growing in popularity and becoming a staple piece of design kit for designers and illustrators. And I certainly haven’t regretted purchasing this book one bit.


First of all its A5 which makes it the perfect size for carrying it around everywhere. And this also means it is lighter than A4 books. The standard book has a black hard back cover with an elastic strap to hold the book together. Fashionary does come with a variety of different covers and the company regularly do collaborations with designers and brands to get some unique and limited edition covers.


Fashionary is designed to make it easier and quicker to brainstorm ideas and develop deigns on their easy to use pages. The pages have doted silhouettes of the human body that you trace over or aid you when drawing illustrations with complex poses. There is also plenty of space around the drawing area for annotations. The paper is also a decent weight so they can withstand some heavy colouring. The only thing is that they can’t cope with marker pens as the paper is not bleed proof, which is a shame as this is my choice of colour.


The most unique thing about Fashionary though is the dictionary style layout it has to the front of the book. It has all the possible information you need to help with design projects like; designers, fashion websites, publications, measurements, fabric types, mood board layouts, etc. It makes it so much easier to do the dreaded research and you never find yourself short of places to look for that inspiration.


This is definitely a great choice of sketchbook for any aspiring fashion designer, it is also a great product for students too. And if you are looking for a lightweight sketchbook thats easy to stick in your handbag, then this is for you.

If you are interested in buying yourself one of these books you can get them from Paperchase and their official website,

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