The Boozy Cow – Edinburgh

The Boozy Cow, Fredrick St, Edinburgh

MBiP Rating – 5/5

So something a bit new today, a restaurant review. I thought I would take advantage of living in such a diverse city especially when it comes to the choice of eateries in Edinburgh. I am a bit of a foodie anyway so any excuse to go out for a meal is worth it for me.

The Boozy Cow is relatively new in Edinburgh it opened at the end of last Summer and the name perfectly describes what they offer – cocktails and burgers. The restaurant offers a rather urban and rebellious atmosphere with loud music, dark lightening and graffiti over the walls and ceiling. Which also creates a rather great space for a night out with a group of friends, especially since some nights it gets turned into a late night cocktail bar with special guest DJ’s.

The menu’s aren’t vast which for me in small restaurants like this, thats always best as it shows it is quality over quantity. But it also makes it ten times easier when it comes to choosing as you aren’t humming and hawing over 5 different dishes you want to try in one go. There is a good variety of ‘Cows’ (burgers) to suit all taste buds. There is also ‘Chicks n Dogs’ (chicken burger and hotdogs) for those who don’t like red meats. Boozy Cow are also similar to GBK and the Handmade Burger Co, where you have to order burgers and fries separately but don’t despair. That has given Boozy Cow the chance to create an amazing sides menu also, because who needs just simple skinny fries these days when you can have fries loaded with more food.

The Drinks menu is also sweet and simple but with great variety. For someone like me who prefers to have a cocktail instead of other alcoholic beverages I love menu where you can’t decide what to have. Don’t ask me why, its just exciting and also means you don’t choose a usual. Some of the best sounding cocktails (mainly because of their name) are; Disco Bru (Bacardi, Lime and Irn Bru reduction), Boozy Back Cow (Vodka, Raspberry and Citrus) and the Fish House Punch (Rum, Cognac and Peach Liqueur).

So on this particular visit we (me and my sister) opted for the Cheeseburger, Maple Bacon Cheese Burger, Cheese Skinnies and Popcorn Chicken for our food. And for drinks we had the Twizzler and the Boozy Bru.



Twizzler: Cherry Vodka, Citrus and Sherbet

Verdict – Sherbety and tongue curlingly sour, loved it. Very retro and very 90’s. It was like adults drinkable version of a flying saucer which funnily enough comes with the drink. The cherry vodka counteracts it by leaving sweet after taste.

Boozy Bru: Gin, Citrus and Irn Bru

Verdict – Strong citrus taste and refreshing. I like anything with gin in it so if your are a gin drinker, this is the one for you. Slightly disappointed that the citrus overpowered the Irn Bru. Didn’t get a decent photo of this drink but it came in a coupe/margarita style glass, and the rim was dusted with a green sugar.



Maple Bacon Cheese Burger: Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Red Onions, Pickles, Beef Tomato, Mustard Ketchup and Crispy Maple Cured Streaky Bacon

Verdict – Mmmm, Loved this burger so much. I love a good bacon cheese burger and most of my experiences come from Burger King and TGI Fridays. I am always looking something fresher and tastier. And this is one of those on top of my list (including the FiveGuys one!!). The Boozy Cow’s burgers don’t have a overpowering chargrilled taste, but instead the focus on the taste of the meat. The bacon also adds a little bit of sweetness to the burger from the maple and compliments the meaty burger perfectly. A good hearty choice.

Cheeseburger: Sliced Mature Cheddar, Red Onion, Pickles, Lettuce, Beef Tomato and Mustard Ketchup

Verdict – I won’t ramble on too much about this one as it was pretty much the same as the one above, just without the bacon. Still a good choice if you like to keep your burgers simple.

Cheese Skinnies: Thin Fries, Spiced Cheese, Sweet Onion and Mustard

Verdict – Slightly too cheesy for me. Really tasty and great fries but there is just too much cheese for me.

Popcorn Chicken: Peanut Butter Chicken Pieces, Toffee Popcorn and Hot Chilli Dip

Verdict – This is such a cool concept that works perfectly and such a great side with the burgers and fries. The coating for the chicken is a mixture of breadcrumbs and toffee popcorn, although the toffee taste is not overpowering it does give the chicken pieces a slight sweetness. This probably to complement the sharpness of the chilli dip, but I can’t eat spicy things to know for sure. But these a re definitely something you need to try at least once.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry that it’s a bit lengthy but I didn’t want to miss anything out. If you are in Edinburgh or every find yourself there, its a great place to visit even for lunch as you can control how much you eat.

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