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With the start of the A/W16 womenswear season about to begin. I thought I would take a look at some of the highlights from the A/W16 presentations from January’s shows. Shows took place in London, Milan and Paris during the month showcasing the latest looks from top designers, independent brands and graduates.

I have always loved menswear and for along time I wanted to be a tailor. I always enjoy the beginning of the year and seeing what new collections are available.



I am long awaiting the day that I can own a Belstaff jacket. I love the leather jackets more than anything else out of their collection. A/W16 they look as though they have been heavily inspired by expeditions and mountain climbing. Think about what you would wear to climb Everest and you will be imagining the exact A/W16 collection. But the collection has items in it inspired by the classic motorcycling heritage.



I don’t think there is anyone who likes British style but doesn’t like Burberry. Always the highlight to any London Fashion Week. This season was heavily influenced by the popular athleisure trend. Lots of sporty garments and trench coats build up this very casual collection.


Christopher Raeburn


I only recently heard of Christopher Raeburn, as he is the latest designer to be doing a collaboration with Clarks. He is well known for his sustainability and reuse of army materials. His style is very utilitarian and does a lot of collections outdoorsy feel. His A/W collection shown at London Collections:Men was just that. The collection featured a lot of khaki, waterproof jackets and geometric shapes.



Who doesn’t like a man in a well fitted suit. I love tailoring and one of the keys I look out for when London Collections: Men is on, is seeing what the British tailors release. Dunhill is very traditional with their cuts and silhouettes but like also add a bit of a modern twist with their choice of fabrics and colours.


Pringles of Scotland


This brand I’m a bit bias about because as a fellow Scot I have been amazed how this brand has been able to turn itself around to be relevant in the current industry. From selling tacky socks and golf jumpers to becoming a sought after luxury knitwear brand. This A/W16 just shows how innovative the company has become.




I have always been a big fan of Balmain and I especially love the military feel the brand tends to follow. The menswear A/W16 collection has a lot of military influences this season, these military influences seem to be Russian inspired with large tasseled waist belts and long boots. The collection is very Balmain with the overall collection looking very eccentric and flamboyant .




For some reason I am always drawn to collections that contain a lot of black, a LOT of black. But I am the complete opposite when I’m designing my own stuff. This was one the reasons why I liked the A/W16 collection by Hermes. But also for me Hermes a pure luxury brand, that could also be down to how prestigious the brand is after the Birkin.



I have never really looked out for Tod’s collections before. For me they are quite similar to Longchamp, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, that people are only interested in the brand for a popular staple, i.e. the Le Pliage tote bag from Longchamp. But I loved the A/W16 collection because of how simple and classic it is.



This Bally collection had a very retro look to it with lots of bold colours, prints and roll-necks. I love suits that have colours other than your traditional black, navy or grey. So not only did I love the 60’s vibe but also the alternative coloured suits.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you on Friday with my London Fashion Week highlights. Please feel free to leave any comments.

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