2016: My Open Letter


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year. I can’t believe it is 2016 already, 2015 went by insanely quick. For my first post of the year I wanted to write something about my goals and ‘sort of’ resolutions for the year, but I didn’t want it to sound to soppy and cliche. But I red In The Frow’s latest post (InTheFrow – How I Intend to Change) and got inspired to do a similar post. I want this post to not only inform you, my readers, about the changes I want to make with myself and the blog, but to also be a personal wish/checklist for the year. I aim to make 2016 a much better year for myself and the blog. I feel like I let 2015 slip through my fingers, there were far too many lows for my liking. But in saying that my highlight of 2015 was graduating with a honours degree, I definitely can’t rule that out.

I feel a lot more positive going in to this new year, and like I said I have a few goals I want to achieve this year.

Get Myself a ‘Real’ Job

What I mean by this is to get my first job as a qualified graduate. I’ve worked as a sales assistant ever since I’ve left high school and although it has been a valuable experience I feel it is time for me to move on with my career. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to get a job that will start my fashion career rolling but I won’t be too disheartened if its not my dream job, there is still plenty of time for that. In an ideal world I would love to blog full time and work with other creatives but unfortunately I’m not in the situation to do so.

Have a Blog I’m Happy With

I’m still not happy with the blog I’ve been working with over the past year, its still not what imagine when I think of what I want for a final outcome. I have also been taking the easier options when it comes to my post ideas. I have big ideas but have always been to scared or made up excuses as to why I shouldn’t do them, but not this year. Now I feel more confident as blogger to produce the content I want to. I am also planning on giving the blog’s appearance a bit of a make over including a new logo.


Be The Person I Want To Be

I have always been the shy and quiet person to most people that meet me. But to those who really know me I am quite the opposite and that has always affected me when it comes to my social life as I just don’t have the confidence to be me. Which I’ll put my hands up and say it sounds pretty pathetic especially for someone my age but as I’ve mentioned in other posts I have suffered with depression and anxiety through my late teens and early twenties. So this has got to be the year it changes or else I’m going to be stuck in a rut.


Starting My Own Business

Now this is not a goal that will be achieved this year, but its a life goal I want to try and start this year. Even if it just results in me writing my business plan, its a start. I don’t want to write to much about this just now though as I want to do a separate post on this later on.

Social Media

This is my New Years Resolution as a blogger, I need to be more active on social media. The only platform I have no problems with is Pinterest, I would pin all day if I could. But when it comes to Twitter and Instagram I struggle with what to post on a daily basis. I also want to be more creative with my Instagraming, I love how people stick to a similar theme and edit their photos in a similar way. My personal favourites are Velvetgh0st (Instagram – Velvetgh0st), InTheFrow (Instagram – InTheFrow) and A Girl, A Style (Instagram – agirlastyle)


Well hopefully, fingers crossed, these goals and resolutions will be achieved through the year.

It would be great to get some feedback on the blog, so I can get a good idea on how to improve it, so please feel free to leave a few comments or contact me through social media.

I look forward to the year to come and bringing you a new and improved Midnight Blue in Paris.



Images – Own photos from favourite posts of 2015


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