The Ultimate Christmas Eve Night In

For some people Christmas Eve is just like any other day as its their last day of work before the start of their holidays, for others its the day of mad rushing to get their last minute presents and food shopping. But for others and my family is no exception, Christmas Eve is the start of the festivities.

For my family we bring in Christmas with a new release at the cinema and a family meal. But whats even better is coming home and getting the hot drinks on the go and some treats, usually sweets and popcorn and such like. So if you have no plans for your Christmas Eve night, maybe this post will give you some inspiration to make it a bit more magical.



First things first, you can’t have a Christmas night in without some good movies at your fingertips. So wither its your favourite classic Christmas movies or big blockbuster movies, gather them up and watch as many as you can. Netflix and Sky Movies also have a good selection of movies to choose from at this time of the year.



Now there would be something wrong if you didn’t take the excuse of a night in to get lots of food. Now you could go all out and get a takeaway in, or some pizzas. But I’ve based my night in around sweet treats, because why not, its Christmas.


If you are looking for some inspiration on getting some unique and special sweet treats for your night in, look no further than Hotel Chocolat. Hotel Chocolat is one of my favourite places to go for chocolate. It is a little bit more pricey than other places, but the chocolate really is amazing. They also do really great sharing products, like boxes of chocolate of course, mix and match hampers and products like in the image above. The products above are the small dipping adventure which comes with two ramekins of dipping chocolate and a variety of nibbles for dipping. The other products are alcohol soaked chocolate fruit which are ideal to pour into a bowl and serve as little nibbles.



For me, I love to have a delicious cup of hot chocolate with all the trimmings on Christmas Eve. It gets me in the Christmas spirit. But of course when you are on your holidays and having to time to yourself alcohol could be added to the equation.


I picked up this tin of hot chocolate from my local supermarket, its more of a luxurious choice for me but I am always a little bit more adventurous with my hot chocolates in winter. This Monbana hot chocolate is also gingerbread flavour and is very rich, but its so amazing. Remember if you choose to go with hot chocolates to go all out. Get the cream for the top, some marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, chocolate shavings, whatever you could possibly want to get the perfect Christmas Eve hot chocolate.


If you are after something a bit stronger though, I always find that buying some miniature bottles of alcohol gives you bit more freedom with what you do with them. You could make yourself cocktails or simply add a mixer. The Absolut Vodka set is good as it comes with a little cocktail recipe book. The other small bottles featured in the photo are from The Modern Cocktail pack where you get 5 classic cocktail mixes like, Pina Colada and Blue Lagoon where all you need to add is a measure of rum.

You can create a really fantastic night in with some of your favourite festive treats, wither it is for you and your friends or your family, or maybe  just yourself make sure to make to fun and relaxing on your night before Christmas.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and I will see you soon with some more posts.




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