What I’ve Learned From Having Acne Prone Skin


For the longest time, my skin has been the Bain of my life. Ever since I was 13 years old all I’ve had is spots all over my face, neck and chest. Throughout my teen years it really knocked my confidence, I was known as the girl with spots all over her face. I also never wore make while I was a teenager cause my face was so painful that make up just irritated it further.
Through my teen hood I struggled to control it. I’ve been through so many products, medications, creams, serums and nothing seemed to work. It’s only been recently that I’ve understood my skin and what I need to do to help it. So for this post I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned and what to keep to keep in your head when it comes to dealing with your skin.

1. Water is your Best Friend!

Forget diamonds, what you need is water and lots of it. Now I know water can be the most difficult thing to drink particularly all day every day, and I struggle myself with this. But over the past year I’ve slowly increased my intake. Water isn’t just healthy and a necessity but helps rejuvenate the skin. Ever since I’ve started drinking more water I’ve noticed my skin has a more natural glow and more bounce.

Some recommendations to make your water intake more interesting:

  • Peppermint tea
  • Chai tea
  • Green teas
  • Fruit Infused Waters


2. Re-evaluate your diet

Now first of all I just want to say that this isn’t me telling you to go on a strict healthy diet and follow something like Deliciously Ella religiously. Take greasy fatty foods for example, I think we are all guilty for eating these types of foods. But why not change some of these meals for some fish or chicken dishes, or even trying something more exotic like quinoa or spelt. There is so many books and inspiration now for adding more whole foods into your diet, I recommend using Pinterest and keeping a board of all your tasty finds.

Some inspiration for mixing up your diet:

  • Adding more fruit and veg – having fruit and yoghurt in the mornings is one of my favourite things for breakfast
  • Smoothies – if you are struggling to eat the fruit/veg, one word…blend! So fun and so many combos
  • Experiment with new foods – its the only way to get more exciting foods into your diet

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

These days life can be hectic, and the last thing on some people’s minds is making sure they get their full 7-8 hours sleep. Sleep is one of the best things for your skin, it can do a lot of healing and rejuvenation during that time especially if you treat and wash your face before going to bed.

A good tip is to make sure when you get home is just allow your body and mind to slowly rewind. Go to the gym and have your dinner but get into your PJs as soon as possible and do something that calms you down.

4. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

This one is pretty obvious, but you could possibly still be doing it wrong. It was only within the past couple of years that I realised how important toner was for your skin but not only that, how important a good quality moisturiser is like an insurance for your skin.

While cleansing I always like to use a muslin cloth (I get mine from Liz Earle) to clean my face. Make sure to apply your toner after cleansing and once that is dry apply your moisturiser.

Some of the products I am currently using:

  • Cleanser – Doctor Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator by Goldfadden MD
  • Toner – Tea Tree Water by Lush
  • Moisturiser- Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Gel Moisturiser by Algenist
  • Scrub – Daily Microfoliant by Dermalogica


  5. Price and Quality Matter

Unfortunately I’ve come to realise that I can’t rely on £5 bottles of Clearisil. Some of the best products I have tried though have been of a higher price range. One thing you need to remember about more expensive products is they are more of an investment. Most companies like Dermalogica, Goldfadden, and Sunday Riley have the aim to create products for various skin types and creating specialist products, so it’s worth the money. I bought my Goldfadden and Algenist products about 3 months ago and it’s the best money I’ve spent. Each product cost me about £60 and they have done wonders for my skin.

Also remember to take your time when choosing a product, check reviews and such like to see what other people say. But also ask professionals, which brings me on to my next point.

6. Shop Where People Can Give You Advise

A lot of the best purchases I’ve made is when someone has confidently told me what I should buy for my skin. I have also found that a lot of sales assistants know a lot about products that help acne prone skin because they themselves or know someone who struggles as well. One of the best places I’ve got really good advise was Space NK, the advise was so good that I ended up buy more products than what I intended to. And I most definitely will end up back there again.

Some good places to try and get skincare advise:

  • Space NK- you will find a store in most major cities, they stock high end and niche products and each member of staff is highly trained on each brand.
  • Dermalogica- they have concessions in high end department stores where you will find their highly trained skin therapist who is able to map your skin and show products suitable for your problematic areas.
  • Beauty Therapist – you can go to one of your local beauty salons that specialise in a certain skincare brand like, Dermalogica, Elemis and Decleor. This usually means they have an in-house specialist 


7. Make Up Can Be Just As Important 

If you buy the wrong type of makeup for your skin type it can basically reverse the work you have just done during the cleanse process. Make sure your make up, especially for your face, works for your skin. There are many great makeup brands to choose from these days. Unlike skincare most people can get away with cheaper makeup, I tend to use a high end foundation and primer but also I use various brands at different price ranges. 

Remember wearing make up is a good shield to air pollution and dirt and protects the pores. Make up only clogs up the pores if you don’t clean it off properly.

Make up tips for acne skin:

  • When applying make up, especially onto the face, use application brushes. Some of my favourites are from Real Techniques and Bobby Brown
  • But remember to clean them, Bare Minerals do a good brush shampoo, or alternatively you can use a combo of washing up liquid and olive oil
  • If you struggle to cover up bigger pipples then use two concealers, one which is a simple blemish concealer to help cover up redness and another which is heavy coverage to cover up the pimple. Some good products for this is Dermablend and Krylon Dermacolour.


8. Try Not To Stress Too Much

A bit like point 3, this is just reminding you to allow yourself time to relax throughout the day. Stress can be one of the main reasons why breakouts happen. Obviously sometimes we can’t help stress, I know from four years of studying a fashion degree how stressful life can get from time to time. But I always gave myself time at the end of the day to relax, whether that be to go to bed early, or watch Netflix or best of all having a hot bath with some of my favourite Lush products.

9. Try Not To Touch your Face

This pretty self explanatory, but it’s one of the hardest things not to when taking care of your skin. I think this one of things I find most difficult, actually as I write this I am currently leaning my cheek on my hand. It’s just something to bare in mind, your hands are the one place that carries the most dirt.

10. Sometimes It’s Just Genetics

And to finish off. I’m pretty sure most of us feel pretty miserable that we are the ones to have problematic skin. But I have come to except the fact that I have this type of skin as my gran had it, my mum had it and now me, so it was inevitable really. And nobody has perfect skin even though it may look like it on the magazines.

I hope enjoyed reading this rather long post, I think I got a little carried away but I had a lot to say. I would also like to apologise for how late this post is, I am currently on holiday and the wifi is not great.

If you would like share any of your own tips then feel free to leave a comment and any feedback would be much appreciated.

Until next time




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