Turn a NO into a positive 

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Ever since I have graduated, I have had to experience the big bad world more and more. It’s hard to hear the NO especially if it effects your life and the direction you want it to go in. But does that mean we must dig ourselves a little hole and let the feeling of failure consume us? Well my answer is…NO! This is how we can turn it into a more positive situation for ourselves. Getting my fair share of negative no’s whether it would be negative criticism on a piece of my work, a no for entering my year’s graduate fashion show or no to a dream job for starting my career. Experiencing this has just made me even more driven.

I am beginning to understand how people say it’s hard not to give up and keep pushing forward but if your dreams are worth fighting for then why not push yourself further. As Jared Leto has been known to say dream high, have big dreams because even if you begin to lose belief in yourself someone will believe in you and one day those dreams will come true. One day I do hope that my dreams do come true and I can stay determined for that to happen. But if that unfortunately doesn’t work out for me I at least want to be successful in what I do in life whether it be having a job that I enjoy and progress in , or a well paid job, or purely living somewhere other than Edinburgh.

If you have dreams hold on to them tight no matter what negatives come your way. Write them down somewhere to inspire you every day.

If you have some of your own experiences with negative situations that’s inspired you to be even more driven, please feel free to share 🙂

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