Life Styled by Clarks – My Shoe Collection

Shoes, shoes, shoes, most of us can’t get enough of them, am I right? And most of us have dedicated most of the wardrobe space to shoes, am I right again?

I have always been a shoe fanatic more so than bags. I find myself drawn to any shoe department in any shop. So as you can probably tell from the title I am going to give you a little insight into my favourite shoe brand Clarks, and I felt the best way to do this was buy showing you some of the shoes in my collection.

In the past if I was to ever buy a pair of Clarks shoes it would be for comfort as this is one of the key parts a pair of the brand’s shoes (and still is). But recently Clarks have been banging out some really exciting on trend styles thanks to their new rebranding. The company noticed a lack of enthusiasm towards the brand when it came to consumers choosing fashion forward brands, especially when it came to the new influx of fast fashion brands. So Clarks had a re think and came back with a whole new look but still keeping the heritage and innovative technologies for comfort that made them so famous.

My shoe collection features shoes from their present and recent collections as well as shoes from the past 2 years from when they had the rebrand.

Thats just a few of the styles that I have from Clarks, they are all super comfy and worth ever penny. As you can see I have had a few pairs fro a couple of years and they still look brand new, so the quality is excellent. I recommend the Hamble Oaks they appear every season (in different seasonal colours) as the are so popular with Clarks customers as they are the most comfortable shoes ever, they like wearing slippers. Perfect work shoes!!

I want to do another shoe collection for you later on, as I have more than Clarks shoes in my wardrobe. So keep you eyes peeled for that. And I am also working on a few other posts which will be appearing within the next few weeks.

See you guys soon




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