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So I originally heard about Proactiv about 6-7 years ago when I saw a telesales advertisement. To begin with it looked like a too good to be true acne solution.

I have suffered from acne from as soon as I hit the age of 12 and has been the bain of my life and still it. It was worst in my teens and it would get so bad at times that I had to get used to not wearing any make up as this would irritate it. Suffering from is a hardship for teens and young adults, there is not a lot of advise out there especially from doctors it’s only been recently that I’ve been finding information and tips on how to look after your skin. So finding blogs and books that talk about this sort is great help, so if I can help I’m more than happy to share with you. After acne can really damage your confidence and I’m still struggling to gain it back.

Photo Taken by Midnight Blue in Paris

Photo Taken by Midnight Blue in Paris

Anyway back to the product. Over the past couple of years I noticed it had been getting a lot of really good reviews and had been winning a lot of awards in its country of origin (USA). I also noticed that Boots had started to sell the products. After further research I’ve discovered only large Boots are selling the products and it’s only the basic products from the older collection ( Proactiv have upgraded the brand to Proactiv+ which is deluxe version of the brand). So the products available from the Boots are the cleanser, moisturiser and the toner, so I picked up the cleanser. I only picked up the cleanser as I wasn’t sure how the product would react to my skin and as I’ve learnt in the past not every product works for every person.

Photo Taken by Midnight Blue in Pars

Photo Taken by Midnight Blue in Paris

First of all don’t be fooled by the packaging, as you can see from the images the packaging says body cleanser but you can use this on your face also. This is one thing I like about this product, as I usually get breakouts on my shoulders and back so I can use this product for that. The product itself it is a cream based product with blue exfoliating beads. It also contains salicylic acid which can help cure acne and irritation which means this product is medicated. On applying this product it feels quite light on the face and is not too heavy and each application has enough beads in it to give your face a good scrub. This product isn’t classed as a scrub so I suppose you could still use your weekly scrub. I still use my Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant once or twice a week. When removing the product I prefer to use my Liz Earle Hot Cloth as it takes off some extra dirt and dead skin. After the product is removed my skin feels soft and bouncy and it honesty feels like its breathing. I’m so happy with this product, I only wish I had bought it years ago and I am now going to purchase more of the products.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, if you would like to share any of your acne miracle products or your experiences with acne please comment below I would to hear what you have to say or even try my best to give you some advise.

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