Pause for Thought: Is it time to go back to Slow Fashion? Pt.1

The majority of us have fallen victim to fast fashion as the vast majority of our favourite high street retailers work to this practice. Fast fashion has created, within the fashion year, four seasons instead of the original two seasons. These fashion retailers, like Primark, Topshop, River Island and Zara are trying to keep up with the fast moving trends by providing us with turnarounds between 2-4 weeks and cheap priced clothes.



But is fast fashion really that necessary? Fashion has survived for many years with two seasons and for higher end and luxury designers/retailers, most of them still set out to produce two seasons a year with the possibility of adding a new garments half way though the season. As most high street retailers follow what designers are producing its also hard to see where these retailers are finding these  ‘fast-moving’ trends from. If you look at trend forecasting companies WGSN or Trend Union you will see the vast majority of their reports are produced for the single season, for example Spring/Summer 16 or Autumn/Winter 17. I suppose you could argue that these trend forecasters probably wouldn’t be able to produce reports that predict every single trend that comes around. But to a certain extent they should as that is the business of fashion (having your company prepared for the demand that lies ahead). Celebrities and trendsetters  have a big influence on the new unpredictable trends and creating the ‘it’ products for example the Birkin, Ugg boots and more recently Longchamps shopping totes, and high street stores are quick to replicate these products.


With retailers creating these new trends and collections to compete with one another to give us the best quality at the cheapest prices it basically does all comes down to business and making money,but it comes at a cost. High street stores have all lost their niche. I don’t think I can walk into any high street retailer and see a distinctive style that sets them apart from any other competitors. But at the end of day new collections every month is the best strategy for retailers to get us back in their stores spending our money.

BUT!! This is all just a very small problem to a massive issue that has very quickly become a GLOBAL issue. Fast fashion has vastly contributed to the fashion industry’s globalisation. After studying the issue as part of my course and reading a terrific book by Lucy Siegle called ‘To Die For Fashion’ I have become very unsettled about fast fashion and the things we as consumers are unaware of when purchasing our clothing. Keep an eye out for Pt.2 next week where i will be discussing some of these points. While you are waiting though I found this short interesting video that explains some points about what i’ve just discussed and I what i’ll be discussing next.

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Pt.2 will be posted up next Monday at 5pm

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