Zoella Beauty and Tanya Burr Review

Time for a little review post now,

Today’s post, if you haven’t guessed already will be a review of Zoella’s beauty products and Tanya Burr’s eyelashes.

Even since these products were released, especially Zoe’s, I have been struggling to find them. Every major Superdrug store I entered was sold out of all the products, which was rather frustrating. But in the midst of a chilly December day, I was doing a bit of shopping and decided to enter a Superdrug that I don’t usually shop in, but i’m glad i did because there was sitting a Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar. Yayyyy!!

Zella Beauty Fizz Bar and Tanya Burr Eyelashes

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar and Tanya Burr Eyelashes

As well as picking up the Fizz Bar, I managed to find Tanya’s eyelashes and luckily there were a few to choose from. I’m a bit picky with eyelashes as don’t wear them often at all mainly because my natural eyelashes are long enough. So I decided to go with the style ‘Date Night.’ I thought they were more suited for me as they still looked a little natural (which would be suitable for everyday wear) but had a little bit of flirty length and volume for a night out. I got these for about £3.50 as they were on offer for the Christmas party season, I think normally they are about £5.

I tried the lashes out for the first time on my works christmas night out, and i just have to say these are the best false lashes I have ever tried. They are so light that you can’t even feel them on your eyes, they didn’t start to feel itchy after wearing them for a certain amount of time and best thing of all, the glue worked!! If anything they were slightly long for my liking, but I am just going to trim them a little and they should be fine. I usually wear MAC eyelashes and I am never going back to them, EVER! So Tanya if you read this (‘if’ you read this!) please never stop making these eyelashes, you have saved all us girls from heavy, itchy eyelashes.

Tanya Burr 'Date Night' Lashes unboxed

Tanya Burr ‘Date Night’ Lashes unboxed

Tanya Burr Cosmetics False Eyelashes ‘Date Night’ – £5.49 – 5/5

I really wanted to try Zoe’s products because we have quite similar tastes when it comes to smelly products, so when Zoe revealed the scent i knew it would be for me. The fizz bar was the main product I wanted to try from her collection, I’m a sucker for baths and thanks to my new addiction to Lush products, i like a nice bath bomb. The fizz bar cost £5 and come as bar with 8 breakable squares. You can break 1 or 2 squares into your bath depending on how fragrant you want your bath. The fragrance to this product is amazing, its so beautiful. Its very light and fresh and has slight floral undertones and such a relaxing scent. it is beautiful on it’s own but you could use it with other products within the collection or even other products like Lush or your favourite bubble bath. I love the the fragrance so much that i just use it on its own. The bar is colourless and doesn’t produce any bubbles so it does sometimes feel like you are just having a bath of hot water, but it does leave your skin feeling super soft so I suppose that make up for that. I hope Zoe has plans to expand on her Zoella Beauty brand, I would like to see some bath bombs or a range of bubble bath products. I also think Zoe should use this fragrance and come up with range of household products, like pot pourri or diffusers, cause i would really like to have something to sit in my bedroom.

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar unwrapped

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar unwrapped

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar – £5.00 – 4/5

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