Well I’m back! November has been the craziest month. I knew starting a blog in my final year of uni would be difficult to maintain, and this past month has proven me right. I’m not giving up on this blog though as I have so many ideas for it, but there may be a few quiet periods throughout the next six months. So please bare with me 🙂 So for this post it will just be a little look into the products i enjoyed over the past month (as I had planned on doing this last month).

As I knew I had a few stressful months ahead i decided to do a Lush haul (after watching Zoella’s October haul video). But this would the first time I had bought something from the brand. I know!! What? I can’t believe that I am now 22 years old and this year was the first time I tried Lush products. I collected up a few of the festive products I could find and they all smelled amazing that i almost bought the whole shop. The products i managed to get was:

Cinders Bath Bomb

Magic Wand Bubble Bar

Yog Nog Soap

So White Bath Bomb

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

Sparkler Bath Bomb

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Lush goodles - for some reason I feel as though they have a stronger scent while in their packaging.

Lush goodles – for some reason I feel as though they have a stronger scent while in their packaging.

All the descriptions on the packets made them all sound so amazing that I could not decide which one to use first, so I just went for the smallest one first. That one happened to be the Cinder Bath Bomb. It has a very strong fruit punch smell, a bit like apple and cinnamon, its also yellow in colour with little orange flecks of popping candy. What I loved about this product was, when you put it in the water the popping candy starts crackling and sounds like a fire, It also left my skin feeling really soft. By now I have used the vast majority of these products (except the Lush Pud, I’m leaving that for Christmas Day) and they have all been worth the venture into Lush. I don’t think there has been a single one I haven’t liked, although the glitter in the Sparkler Bath Bomb did leave my skin quite itchy, but I do sometimes have quite sensitive skin. My favourites ones though, have been the Cinders Bath Bomb, So White Bath Bomb and the Yog Nog Soap, and I’m sure I’ll head back to Lush to get these more of these before they are taken off the shelves (which is a sad thought).

Lush goodies

Lush goodies

As I was in high stress mode with course work, I found myself looking for products that would help me relax, so I turned to candles. I have never been one for buying candles mainly because I have always had too much clutter in my room and no free surfaces to sit them on. But I had a clear out at the end of October and made my desk neat to make it a more blogging friendly space that I bought a candle. I came across a Scottish independent brand called Isle of Skye Candle Company and was immediately drawn to their light, fresh scents. I absolutely hate candles that have a really sweet, strong scent, they are too sickly for me. Usually I find Yankee Candles to be a bit like this for me. But the candle I bought was called Bohemian Rose and I love it! It’s not an over powering scent to Rose and it has very light florally, musky undertone to it, after i’ve used it, it always leaves a really nice fragrance in my room. There is also something thats really nice about lighting a candle when you studying, it doesn’t make the atmosphere so stressful.

Isle of Skye Candle - Bohemian Rose

Isle of Skye Candle – Bohemian Rose





  1. Samantha
    18/12/2014 / 19:14

    I’m not a big candle fan but you’ve really sold me this product. Might need to go and get one. Did you just get it online or is there a store that sells this brand?

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